Photo: Bobbi Schwartz


All indicators point to a quieter holiday season this year, which means more relaxed dressing…

The holidays are upon us, and along with them, some pretty cold temperatures. Alongside the seasonal chill and air of celebration comes a need to decide what will work best for holiday dressing—especially given our current, out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle. This year, in particular, we look to things that we find comforting, so our thoughts automatically go to luxurious and cozy textures for our holiday looks.

For me, one of the true joys of this last year has been the relaxed dress code we have all adopted. This trend will, no doubt, extend through the holiday season, and many of us will be spending our time at home with our “inner circle,” dressed in a more relaxed fashion than we normally would—which begs the question, “hmmm…what shall we wear?”

So, let’s talk about the joy of having one, or more, of these fabulous cozy cashmere looks that are dominating the world of fashion trends right now…



What I love about cashmere, in the form of joggers and hoodies, is the comfy, cozy-chic of the look. This yummy combo fills that relaxed,  stress-free, it-only-takes-two-minutes-to-get-dressed process, yet ups your look infinitely by way of its luxurious fabrication. You will look and feel like a million dollars all day and all evening.

As we spend time with family and close friends for evenings together for the upcoming holidays, you are stress-free in terms of knowing how fabulous you look without the drama that usually accompanies holiday dressing.

The jogger and hoodie or even a matching or complementary sweater are flattering, comfy, and oh-so-elegant. The style impact of these cozy pieces is a godsend. That being said, let’s see what’s in and what combinations you can create. There are some head-to-toe looks here that come as a single unit and are, of course, fabulous!


In addition to the sets I’ve shopped for you, I’ve found some separates that you can match with the intended piece or buy and wear with a flattering cashmere sweater you already own—or with one of the ultra-yummy options shown here.

This is a win-win situation where you can easily create a number of mix-and-match looks that you will always have at your disposal from just a few simple pieces. 


While shopping for sweaters I thought to myself, “self? Why not combine the cashmere jogger (and here I would do black or winter white), with an evening top?”

Naturally, some of us will prefer a bit of coverage yet we’d like a sweater that, combined with some fun jewelry and paired with the sandals below, could make a stunning evening look! Others of us will love the halters and their more skimpy coverage which I would pair with a cashmere wrap—and encourage you to do so as well.

I could see pairing any of the elegant evening tops or sweaters shown below with black or white cashmere joggers and a pair of strappy sandals to get you through this year’s “party season” (such that it is) looking fabulous!


As you work your way through the options I  have found for you, I’d like to take a moment to address the shoes you will want to consider pairing with all this luxe coziness.

If you are entertaining for an evening, I recommend strappy sandals as they take this sporty look and transforms it into the perfect “evening out” look, even if you are staying in.


For a more casual approach, I strongly urge you to wear boots with your joggers. Tuck your joggers into the boot for this more casual look.

As far as styles go, my first choice for sure is the shearling boot in whatever category you have or want. I stayed away from showing UGGs as we all have at least one great pair, but I have included some lovely candidates here.

You could do a riding boot or even a calf-height boot where again, you tuck your pant into the boot.

Now is the perfect time to begin the lovely and languorous “task” of acquiring those perfect, cozy, luxe pieces that will create a good portion of your holiday and winter wardrobes.

You will not only look like a million dollars, but you will also feel like a million, knowing the true luxury of what we all know cashmere represents.

Here’s to celebrating this Holiday Season in true luxurious style.

We at Be Iconic Style wish you a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!