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Be Iconic Style is an online Personal Styling resource for women focused on the journey of transformation through style.

Founder and CEO Bobbi Schwartz, a Dallas-based personal stylist with a global clientele, empowers women to take ownership of their confidence and find the iconic woman within.

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Building Chic Winter Looks with Jeans

Building Chic Winter Looks with Jeans

When it comes to casual dressing, jeans are arguably the first piece most of us reach for. But what about the rest of our look? With that question in mind, I thought that a tutorial on putting your jean looks together was in order. Not only will you find the information fun, but it will also be endlessly useful!

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Cozy, Chic Winter Wear for the City and Mountain Resorts

Cozy, Chic Winter Wear for the City and Mountain Resorts

Winter has made an appearance for almost everyone, and with it comes the need for comfy, cozy, chic outerwear. The puffers, shearlings, and winter boots I’ve shopped for this post are all those things and will take you from a mountain resort (think après ski) to the city—in fabulous style.

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Bobbi’s Favorite Treasures for the New Year

Bobbi’s Favorite Treasures for the New Year

Bobbi shares some of her favorite pieces of the season in a variety of categories and tells you how to maximize their use in your wardrobe. She also discloses why she is possessed by each piece. Check out the fabulous shopping and add to or build your own fabulous wardrobe!

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Be Iconic Style is a free, online lifestyle resource for women focused on personal transformation through style. This site features articles and videos on styling, seasonal trends, curated shopping, and more. Be Iconic Style is also home to a growing number of digital courses geared toward transformation in the workplace and customized personal styling packages to meet the needs of our ever-growing client roster.

As women, we love to look beautiful and feel good about ourselves. We have so much to offer the world, and that impact is made easier when we put our best foot forward. Yes, your presentation is only part of who you are, but if it helps create a more effortless success, why wouldn’t you use it? I do hope you will. So, here’s to success in your style evolvement, and I wish you the best in your fashion journey.

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When I think of Bobbi Schwartz, I smile from both the inside and outside because of how keenly she was able to get to know me, decipher what I was trying to portray in style, and sharpen my image to the finest version.

Working with Bobbi has been of great importance in my “becoming.”

She is one of the Masters. Thank you Bobbi!

–Michele Morgan, DDS 

The Game-Changing Book That Started it All…

Any fashion icon from any era—Audrey Hepburn, Kathryn Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Ali MacGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow—would tell you there are essentials that every woman, regardless of profession and/or lifestyle, needs to own. In fact, it is the essentials that will form the foundation of all wardrobes and are actually the secret behind some women’s ability to look effortlessly chic and polished at all times. You, too, can look like a million dollars.

—Bobbi Schwartz, Author | Style Essentials: Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe

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