Our Favorite Trends for Spring 2023—Part 4

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In this final installment of our Spring 2023 Trends Series, we are going to focus on extra-large handbags and pointy-toe shoes. Did we save the best for last? We’ll let you be the judge!


Extra-Large Bags

I have always been a fan and proponent of the extra-large bag, as I believe them to be chic by nature. Size is the key, as is a fabulous silhouette. In short, an oversized bag is an easy way to achieve chic.

Having said that, I often hear from clients who feel they are “too small to carry an extra-large bag,” to which I always respond, “your size doesn’t matter.” The extra-large bag silhouette is seriously chic—regardless of your stature. Add one to your wardrobe, and mark my words; you will look incredible and incredibly chic.

As you peruse the selection I’ve shopped for you, you will note extra-large totes—the most generous size-wise of the bag categories—along with crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and top-handle satchels. However, the totes make up the lion’s share of what you will in this post—and they are magnificent! Leather, raffia, canvas, and even linen are represented.

These fabulous bags are perfect for everyday use, work, travel, and the beach or pool. Regardless of your needs, these are timeless bags you will have forever!

Happy hunting!


Pointy-Toe Shoes

And last, but most certainly not least—our final favorite trend for Spring 2023 is pointy-toe shoes!

If you know me or have followed me for any length of time, you’ll no doubt have heard me say that a pointy toe is the most flattering shoe style you can wear. I say this as pointy-toe shoes lengthen and slenderize your appearance.

Before you bemoan the fact that “they hurt,” let me just say that pointy-toe shoes are super comfy with the right fit. I can attest to that from personal experience and that of my clients over the years. These shoes are gorgeous and timeless.

If you are in the market for a pair of these fabulous shoes, I’d like to offer up this counsel in support of your efforts; a combination of supply chain issues and unprecedented numbers of people shopping has meant that many shoe styles have been in short supply. So if you need a pointy-toe pump, mule, bootie, or ballet flat, you should consider purchasing them sooner rather than later.

The shopping for this category has been divided into pumps and everything else. In the “pumps” category, you will see silhouettes with lower and higher heel heights in closed and slingback styles. Speaking of slingbacks, they are huge this season!

In our “other” category, you will see pointy-toe ballet flats and flat and heeled mules. Every shoe shopped for you is acquisition worthy and will serve you endlessly in timeless chic.


Pointy-toe Pumps


Pointy-toe Ballet Flats and Mules

Summing it all up…

Fabulousness is afoot (no pun intended) in both these classifications of bags and shoes. In fact, the extra-large bags and the pointy-toe shoe styles featured in this post are all investment-quality pieces that will serve you for years in absolute chic.

Here’s to your success in finding the perfect combination of these two wardrobe must-haves!

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