Our Favorite Trends for Spring 2023—Part 3

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This week we continue our review of the best of what Spring has to offer by focusing on one of our favorite style categories—shoes! And more specifically, platform shoes.


But before we launch into the subject at hand, I’d like to say a few words about two other trends that I haven’t shopped for you—sheer and color.

Sheer Looks

My first non-shopped trend is the sheer trend. This is my stand on sheer; I am not generally a fan of this look. When I select a trend out of the myriad listed each season, I pick those that I think are strong and that will be worn and used more pervasively and trends that will be flattering. With sheer, I see a few ways to wear it, and then I say leave it and focus on the remainder of the trends we have highlighted for you this season.

If you choose to try a sheer look, I suggest the following—layer a sheer organza blouse over a camisole and pair it with jeans of any style or matching wide-leg pants. I’m borrowing this idea from a look Ralph Lauren Collection did in the early ’90s. It was so magnificent that I have never forgotten it. And if you’re self-conscious about your arms, look for what is called an “illusion” top with fitted long sleeves, as they provide the illusion of firm and toned arms.

Curious to know the real reason sheer is a trend this year? Wait for it—sheer black hosiery! Yes, ladies, after a 20-year-or-so-long absence, sheer black stockings are back in a big way. Who’d have thought? Please reserve this trend for evening.

Vibrant Pops of Color and Dramatic Black

This season we’re going to see lots of vibrant color, but two, in particular, are making a splash—green and pink! Look for greens in lime and apple hues and candy pink, or what I refer to as “Barbie doll” pink. This brings a lot of fun and “pop” to your looks. How much fun are these colors? And, of course, we’ll see lots of ever-chic, ever-timeless black everywhere and in many iterations.

And now, onto platforms!

General Info About Platforms

As I shopped this trend, I found so many yummy options that I decided, rather than whittle them down to just a few styles, I would show you all that I thought was both fabulous and would benefit you in terms of a wide selection of fun, look-popping styles from which to choose.

I have divided this wide-ranging category into sub-styles that should help you whittle down your platform shoe “needs list” more easily. Please note that I have not included peep-toe and closed-toe slip-on pumps, as when selecting serious pumps, you will want to focus on the endlessly flattering pointy-toe silhouette. But more on that fabulous category next week!

For now, we’re going to venture into the world of platforms and some of the ways to style them. I see them primarily worn with wide-leg and flare-leg jeans and pants. However, some of the platforms will look equally adorable worn with shorts and shorter, fluty skirts and dresses. Just be sure to really check yourself out as you put your look together if you venture out of the pant and denim looks with this very fun shoe style. 

Platform Mules

This adorable and easy-to-wear silhouette is great paired with any style of jean or pant, shorts, or dresses and shorter fluted skirts. Something about a strap across the front of your foot makes this such an attractive, flattering shoe.

There is so much fun to be had in this section!


Closed-Toe Platforms

In this section, you will find a few boots and loafers alongside Mary Janes and closed-toe ankle strap sandals.

The boots are fabulous worn with wide-leg jeans, and the loafers are best with those same jeans and wide-leg trousers. In addition to jeans and wide-leg trousers, the Mary Janes and closed-toe ankle strap sandals also work beautifully with shorts, dresses, and shorter fluty skirts.

I think you will be possessed by what you see here.


Sneakers and Espadrilles

The high-top lace-up sneakers I’ve shopped for in this section are such a fun twist! I see them paired with cropped or rolled boyfriend or straight-leg jeans and shorts. The high-tops are particularly cute, worn with a chunky sock peeking out over the top of the sneaker when wearing them with shorts. The slip-on sneaker is best worn with cropped or rolled straight-leg or boyfriend jeans.

Espadrille platforms are best worn with wide-leg pants and rolled or cropped straight-leg or boyfriend jeans. They are flattering with a shorter short, but I would leave it at that. You’ll want to skip the skirts and dresses with these as, for some reason, they often look unflattering. So, keep that counsel in mind as you create your looks with these adorable, quintessentially summer shoes.


Platform Sandals

This style is one of my favorites. Pair them with wide-leg and flare-leg jeans for a WOW ’70s throwback look. They are fabulous with wide-leg pants and trousers as well. I love the height and punch they bring to you and your look, and what an easy way to completely change up your look!

I included a range of heights in the shopping as some of you may prefer more height while others may prefer more stability in their platform sandals.

The platform sandals I own that fall into this category are not only oh-so-super-comfy but also a compliment magnet! You will, no doubt, experience the same! Happy hunting for your perfect pair!



This yummy style is super comfy and stable and still provides the added height you look for in a platform. You will see a wide range of options here, from closed-in to thongs, slides, and sandals. The Chloe sandals are one of my favorite styles of all time, though I am truly entranced with them all. Be sure to share with us the styles YOU can’t live without!


Summing it all up…

Platforms can be such tremendous acquisitions as they are fun, versatile, comfy, and easy to expand your base wardrobe. Furthermore, they possess the ability to change up your look entirely by simply changing your shoes. What’s not to love about that?

And last, be sure to check out the final installment in our spring trend journey next week. Have we saved the best for last? You be the judge!

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