Our Favorite Trends for Spring 2023—Part 2

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The journey continues as we explore my favorite trends for Spring!


What’s interesting about today’s post is that we’re going to focus on some of my favorite style categories that are considered trends when the reality is that they’re actually investment pieces that help form the foundation of your essential wardrobe. In fact, two of the three trends we’re going to look at more closely, understated suitings and blazers, fall directly into the category of wardrobe essentials. Our third category, menswear, is stunning and comprised almost entirely of essentials, but the category itself does not qualify.

Now here’s another interesting fact. Blazers play a huge role in both understated suitings and menswear, and yet they also stand alone as a significant part of your essential wardrobe.

All that said let’s begin our deep dive into this week’s featured trends for Spring.


Understated Suiting

We should all own a pantsuit combination regardless of whether or not we work. This is a look you can use endlessly in so many areas of your life. And if you are a professional, you will, naturally, require more than one of these game-changing jacket/pant combinations.

In fact, the understated business suit is so essential to your professional “power” wardrobe that we recently developed a course called “Transform Your Life Through Style” devoted entirely to helping businesswomen understand the key elements of this powerful apparel.

We’ll share more about this life-changing course when it’s available, but in the meantime, you should know that one of the principles behind power suiting is that it should be all black. Black is the most powerful color a woman can wear. And if you are one of those (very) rare women who can’t wear black, midnight navy will play off as black, but the color will be more flattering on you. This is extremely important information to know.

Other uses for understated suiting include cocktail events, weddings, the theatre, and meetings in which you must impress, among others. The inclusion of this stunning and iconic wardrobe essential will serve you endlessly and powerfully for years.


What Makes Up Understated Suiting?

Before I share the components that make up understated suiting, I want to let you in on a vital piece of foundational information critical to understanding style. When you dress simply and understatedly, people do not pay attention to the details of what you’re wearing. Rather, they merely remember how fabulous you look.

Think of it this way; we’re all so busy and consumed by our own lives that the chic simplicity of what you wear doesn’t actually register with others. What DOES register, however, is the chic nature of what you’re wearing. That is one of the reasons why understated suiting is an investment worth its weight in gold!

That said, look for simple, understated black blazers, flare or bootcut pants, and even narrow-leg pants. You will wear combinations of these pieces over and over again and look incredibly chic, but no one will actually remember what you had on. And here’s a handy tip; you can wear the same suit repeatedly but change your look entirely by changing your top, shoes, and jewelry. How simple is that?



Next, we’re going to focus on menswear. When I think menswear, I think Diane Keaton. The baggy trouser paired with the double-breasted blazer is a look that she has perfected—and it is stunning! Other pieces that combine to create the menswear image are iconic white Ts, crispy white shirts, button-down silk blouses, and even chambray shirts.

My favorite shoes for this look are smoking slippers, loafers, lace-up oxfords, and sneakers. And just so you are aware, the shopping in this post is focused on the trousers and the blazers you will need to help you pull the key elements of this timeless and chic menswear look together.



The last trend we’re going to visit in this post is Blazers. This timeless look-popping piece is both iconic and a significant component of the essential third piece part of your wardrobe.

Blazers can be worn for dressy and casual occasions and, as already mentioned, play a considerable role in your understated suiting and menswear looks. Wear this stunning key to your wardrobe with the wide-leg jeans trend so prevalent this season—or with any style of jean, for that matter.

The number of looks in various style categories that can be created wearing this key piece makes it extremely useful and versatile. In addition to jeans, blazers are gorgeous, worn over dresses, and even look fabulous with a shorts ensemble.

You will see both single and double-breasted blazers in a variety of textures and colors this Spring. Most fall below your hips (as a way to lengthen and slenderize), but one thing they all have in common is fabulousness. On a personal note, one of my favorites is the double-breasted navy blazer. This is a timeless and show-stopping piece.

You’ll want to peruse what I’ve shopped for you, as I just know you will love it all. Perhaps you will even find a blazer that you are so happy to have acquired.


Summing it all up…

Any pieces you may acquire from the shopping in this post will be wardrobe-altering and enhancing. They will also help cement the foundation of your wardrobe, as each and every one is a treasure.

The understated suiting will serve you in many capacities, whether you need it for professional use or otherwise. The menswear is an easy way to look show-stopping, and the blazer is simply iconic!

Happy hunting and wardrobe building. And here’s to being “en trend” as well! What a happy coincidence!

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