Our Favorite Trends for Spring 2023—Part 1

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This week we’re diving into our favorite trends in more detail, beginning with Denim, Utility, and Crispy Shirts!



As I mentioned last week, denim is everywhere you look this season—and in so many different iterations! Denim, denim, denim—it is HOT! 

In the shopping for this post, you will, of course, see jeans, but you will see denim shirts and jackets as well. Shorts and skirts are also a part of this trend; however, we’ll look at shorts another time—and I’m taking a pass on the denim skirts altogether. I find them uncomfortable as they are often heavy and not easy to move in. For me, comfort and chic are of primary importance—and denim skirts simply fall short in both areas. Having said that, if you love them, go for it!  

Last week we also touched on the fact that wide-leg jeans, along with wide-leg baggy jeans, are a BIG deal this season. While you may want to check out the baggy wide-leg jeans, just be sure the baggier style is actually flattering on you. Remember, a style or trend is only as good as how flattering it looks on you. 

Speaking of flattering, you know my love of bootcut and flare-leg jeans—well, they are perfect with so much of what we’ll see for Spring, though I have not included them in the shopping here. Just keep in mind that these silhouettes are flattering on virtually every body type.

Denim-on-denim is always a fun look. Long-sleeved denim shirts look great with the sleeves rolled up unless you wear it under a third piece and don’t want the bulk of a rolled sleeve or would like a bit of cuff showing. And while we’re on the topic of denim tops, be sure to check out the short, white denim shirt with puffed sleeves. It is a look-popping piece, for sure!

The amount of denim you’ll see this season will offer a variety of fun pieces that will allow you to create a myriad of versatile casual looks.



Last week we also touched upon the Utility trend. Along those lines, we will see many cargo pants, jackets, and shirts this season. In terms of color, think shades of olive and khaki, as they represent the quintessential cargo or utility look. Having said that, cargo pants and jackets in any neutral tone will work beautifully.

I love pairing a white tee with utility pants and jackets. Simply put, it pops your look! The short-sleeved button-front shirts I’ve shopped will also look fabulous worn with your cargo pants—as well as denim shorts and jeans. So be sure to give them your attention as you peruse the shopping for your new Spring treasures.

The utility look may be considered a “trend” this season, but honestly, this look is truly timeless. It’s also an easy and adorable way to find your edgier chic this season.


Crispy Shirts—White and Colored

The last trend we will visit this week is the “crispy shirt,” also known as cotton or linen button-front shirts. Crispy white shirts are definitely a “thing” this season—you know how much I love this wardrobe essential!

And it’s because crispy white shirts are a wardrobe essential that I’d consider purchasing one or more of them a good investment, as we can go a long time without finding the perfect one!

My point in discussing the potential of a shortage is that there are always loads of button-front shirts available, but finding that perfect gem is sometimes akin to finding a needle in a haystack. That said, you’ll want to check out both the white and colored treasures we have here.

In terms of styling crispy white shirts, in particular, I am partial to pairing a white tuxedo shirt with a flare-leg jean, and adding either a strappy sandal or a cowboy boot to complete this fun look. Of course, there are many fabulous ways to style this amazing essential, but I just had to share this one favorite with you!

I have found a good number of crispy shirts that I know would serve you and your wardrobe well. So, happy hunting for that perfect crispy white addition to your essential wardrobe and the adorable colored options you will see in the shopping as well.


Summing it all up…

The pieces I’ve selected to represent each of these major trends are foundational. Anything you buy, you will have for years. Furthermore, each piece will build beautifully on your existing wardrobe, and a few new additions will leave you feeling put together and very current this season.

There are so many incredible treasures to be had. Happy shopping, and I hope you find your perfect pieces!

Stay tuned for next week’s post as we continue to delve into the details of a few more of the trends for Spring 2023.


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