Spring New Arrivals—Part 2

New Arrivals

Here’s more of what’s in store for next season—and you’re going to love it all!


As promised, we’re sharing the glorious second half of our New Arrivals content this week. Did I save the best for last? Maybe!

Although all of last week’s new finds were fabulous, this post features shoes and bags—two of our favorite fashion topics! I absolutely fell in love with what you will see, and I know you will too. They are edgy and timeless, and you really can’t beat that combination! These pieces will “pop” your look and serve you for years.

Today’s blog also encompasses the concept of strategizing a “Needs List.” I do this for all my clients, and it allows me to help build their essential wardrobe more easily when we see what they need and in what order we need to acquire it. Having beautiful shoes and bags in your wardrobe is vital to having a spectacular wardrobe.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll have heard me say that when people check you out, they begin and end with your feet. That means the shoes you wear speak volumes about your chic and success. After your shoes, people will check out your handbag. So ladies, aside from the fact that we love our shoes and bags, they are also the foundation of your wardrobe chic.

So, have fun figuring out what you want and/or need, and treasure whatever valuable pieces you acquire.

All that said, are you ready? Then, let’s get to it!



Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags, as a category, are ever-fabulous and endlessly requested. A few of the pieces I’ve shopped are geared toward summer; however, you can use them now (and they will be perfect) if you are headed to warmer climes. The remaining bags can be used year-round and are ever-so-yummy! This is a serious case of “how many do I need?” (And I’m not kidding!)


Shoulder Bags

Though I am a huge fan of the crossbody bag, the shoulder bag looks so chic sitting on your shoulder and just under your arm. Like the crossbody bag, you can still be hands-free, yet the shoulder bag creates an entirely different look.

Each shoulder bag I’ve chosen is a treasure and tremendously chic. So which will speak to your style-loving soul?


Satchel Bags + a Fabulous Wallet

Satchel bags are the epitome of chic! They make an incredible statement and are timeless beyond measure. What you see here is absolute magic! The designers and their designs are extraordinary. Some of these bags are perfect for work, and others for going out. And the one wallet you see was just too sensational to take a pass on. This is the ultimate chic accessory you want in your bag! Decisions, decisions, decisions!



Sandals, Espadrilles, and Sneakers

These fabulous shoes run the gamut from timeless essentials to investment pieces with a chic twist to fun and funky! There is so much to catch the eye, and they will inspire you to see how you can change your look with a change of shoes! Some will also be the perfect addition to your essential wardrobe.

Some of these shoes have been MIA since COVID, and it is a relief to see them resurface. Now is your chance if you hadn’t purchased them before the pandemic. Do remember my counsel about things disappearing at the speed of light, however, because things ARE disappearing at the speed of light!


Loafers, Flats, and Pumps

This category is incredible. Loafers are a game-changer when it comes to changing your look with minimal effort, and ballet flats are a huge trend next season.

Pumps are one of the silhouettes that have been on the MIA list for a while. I haven’t seen many of them for the upcoming season, so if you are in need, be sure to check out what I’ve found so that you have that perfect pointy-toe essential in your wardrobe! And the sentiment expressed above applies here as well. Act before they disappear!


Boots and Mules and Slides, Oh My!

“The few and the fabulous” is the phrase I would use to best describe what you see here. Each pair is a treasure beyond measure and will serve you endlessly! Each pair is a “WOW,” from the Vince mules to the Balenciaga boots and every mule, slide, and boot in between. If you had to whittle down your choices, which pair or pairs would be coming to you? I LOVE this section!


Summing it all up…

Shoes and bags are at the top of our style heart’s desires. This is not to say that we don’t love our clothes, because we do, but there is just something about shoes and bags that we cannot resist! Furthermore, shoes and bags are two hugely important categories to consider when building your essential wardrobe. When you build strategically using a “Needs List,” you create a wardrobe that you will love and wear for years.

Want to know more about creating a Needs List and building your essential wardrobe? Check out our book, Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe, from our Style Essentials series.


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