Our Favorite Trends for Spring 2023 — A Preview

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The trends for Spring are fabulous, so be prepared for a season of style adventure!


So often I find myself faced with trends that I would not recommend, but Spring 2023 will be so much fun! We’ll see plenty of examples of “timeless with a twist,” and of course, I will be focused on the trends that I believe will not only be stunning on you but up your level of chic. So from that perspective, it is going to be an amazing season.

In this post, I will describe my favorite trends giving you a brief overview of shopping to go with them. We will delve into these trends (and the pieces I believe you will absolutely want to add to your wardrobe) in more detail over the coming weeks. So you have lots to look forward to!

That said, let’s dive in and have some fun!



Denim is everywhere you look this season—and in so many different styles! Wide-leg jeans are a BIG deal, along with wide-leg baggy jeans. As we are always about wearing what is flattering, you will want to be cautious of the baggy variety as they need to look fabulous on you! And you know my love of bootcut and flare-leg jeans—well, they are perfect with so much of what we’ll see for Spring.

Denim shirts and jackets are huge next season too! You will also be seeing denim skirts; however, as I have never been a fan, I have left them out of the shopping.



This season you will see lots of cargo pants, jackets, and shirts. I’m in love with olives and khakis but they are available in different colors. And while this is being called a “trend,” these looks are truly timeless. They are also an easy and adorable way to find your edgier chic this season.


Crispy White Shirts

You know I love this wardrobe essential! Crispy white shirts are definitely a thing this Spring. And because they are a wardrobe essential, I’d consider this a good investment as one can go a long time without finding the perfect one!

Button-front shirts in a multitude of colors and prints will also be everywhere this Spring!



Understated Suiting

This is another “trend” that is both timeless and perfect for building your success wardrobe. We’re talking double and single-breasted blazers and flare pants. These pieces can be used for work, cocktail, going to the theatre, and events of all sorts.

As a trend, this is something to consider investing in. It will serve you endlessly and forever! 



From baggy pants to double-breasted blazers—I love this look! It is “mix and match” versatile, running the gamut from more casual to dressier and sophisticated.



I mentioned blazers in the last two trends, but this is a stand-alone piece that you can use for casual and dressier looks, and you will use endlessly—either alone or in conjunction with the menswear or understated suitings trends. In essence, it is a trend and an essential all by itself!


Pointy Toes

You’ll see pointy toes on pumps, ballet flats, mules, etc. In the pump category, stilettos and kitten heels are a big deal. Ballet flats are back and perfect with so much! And here’s a reminder that pointy toes are timeless and the most flattering shoe silhouette you’ll find.


Platform Sandals

Channel your inner ’80s with this fun trend! Platform sandals will be everywhere, and pairing them with wide-leg and flare-leg jeans is perfect!


Large and Extra-Large Bags

This may be your chicest purchase among this season’s trends. A large or extra-large bag (I favor the extra-large) will pop your look and adds volumes of chic to that look.

So often, I will hear from clients that they are “too small to carry an extra-large bag,” to which I always respond, “your size doesn’t matter.” The extra-large bag silhouette is seriously chic—regardless of your stature.




Sheer black stockings and sheer tops over a cami are what to look for in this trend. Wait, what? Sheer black stockings? Who thought they would ever make a comeback—but they have, and you will see them everywhere. This is HUGE!

My vision for sheer tops is a button-up blouse worn over a cami, and as for the rest of the sheer trend, we will find our way comfortably or take a pass.



This Spring, be on the lookout for lime green, black, and cotton candy pink—all fun! As always, black naturally adds chic—and tons of it. However, cotton candy and bright pink are all the rage right now. Think Barbie doll fun!

Summing it all up…

I love these “trends” as they all make for fabulous wardrobe staples. They are not only fun to wear, but they are also integral to your wardrobe’s foundation, meaning you can mix, match, and extend your wardrobe for ease of dressing. So many of the pieces featured in this trend list can be combined in various ways to create all-new looks.

With that in mind, you’ll love what you see coming. Happy Spring Trends to you!


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