Swimwear for Spring & Summer 2023 – Part 1

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We’re so excited about the swimwear we are seeing for Spring and Summer this year that we’re going to cover it as a two-part series—and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve found!

As we begin beach travel or head to our local pools, having the proper swim attire is critical. Why? Because how we feel about what we’re wearing and how we look affects our confidence level, ultimately affecting how much fun we have. With that in mind, we wanted to provide you with as many fabulous options as possible, hence two weeks of swim!

Today’s post focuses on one-piece swimsuits and beach and pool accessories, including hats, sandals, and bags, all of which will work for swim-related activities and everyday summer casual looks.


Pulling your swim looks together & the power of confidence

Over the years, I have realized the incredible impact that feeling “put together” has on me. I have always loved clothes and dressing, but as I grew up on the beach, it was all so casual that I never gave much thought to how I was put together. Of course, I always had a cute swimsuit, but the rest of my “look” was generally comprised of cutoffs, a T-shirt, and flip-flops—and off I went.

As I matured and came to understand the power of dressing and what it could do for my confidence, I began to pay attention to the details. In fact, helping build your confidence through style is what my styling practice is all about. In other words, I help you create fabulous looks that make the most of your attributes—and when you love how you look, your confidence soars. I have used this principle on myself and my clients over the years, and I can tell you from experience that you can absolutely build your confidence through your wardrobe. It is not only a game-changer but a life-changer.

So as you peruse the shopping in this blog post, think about what swimsuits and swim accessories will make you look and feel like a million dollars.


One-piece Swimsuits

For those of you seeking glorious figuring-flattering silhouettes, I have included a number of Miraclesuits® and Magicsuits® in the shopping. And don’t faint, ladies—there is a lot of color to be found here as well! Having said that, I have divided our one-piece swim offerings into two categories: black and white swimsuits and colored swimsuits.

Have so much fun with these!


Black & White Swimsuits


Colored Swimsuits

Swim Accessories

As mentioned earlier, today’s swim accessories include sandals, hats, and bags, each serving you chicly and beautifully for everyday casual all summer long—in addition to your swim moments. I love finding versatile pieces that maximize your purchase, and I’m happy to say that everything included in these three categories accomplishes that goal!

You will see rubber slides, leather thongs, and espadrilles in the sandals category. They will all go anywhere and be adorable with much of what you already have in your closet.

Hats include everything from bucket to wide-brim styles and lots in between. They are each so yummy and chic you may want more than one of them as the hot months approach.

And the bags? Oh boy! To me, each is a mind-blowing treasure. You’ll see such incredible shapes and materials, from canvas to raffia. Wow, wow, and wow, some more!


Summing it all up…

Putting your swim looks together is like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, and the impact those looks will have on you, your confidence, and your enjoyment of the day is priceless. Have so much fun with this! Whether at the beach, the pool, or simply enjoying a casual summer day, these pieces are your tickets to summer fun!

Be sure to stay tuned, as next week, we will focus on two-piece suits and swim coverups to finish off your swim looks!

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