The Vanguard of Vogue: Fabulous Newer Designers to Add to Your Repertoire

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In a landscape where creativity knows no bounds, a wave of fresh talent is inspiring the fashion industry with innovative perspectives and captivating style twists.

This week, we’re going to do something a little different and focus on three new(er) designers whose style I love and believe you will, too. I’ve curated and am showcasing their spring collections featuring pieces that are chic and timeless, quiet luxury treasures that you will savor and wear with confidence.

I’m also including information about each design house, CÂLLAS Milano, Loulou Studio, and Another Tomorrow, so you have a better idea of who they are and what they bring to the fashion table.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!


“CÂLLAS Milano was founded in 2020, infusing Italian men’s tailoring with a feminine spirit. The brand returns to the roots of what Italian artisans and mills have perfected over centuries of experience: the most refined ready-to-wear clothing in the world.

Using luxurious, traceable fabrics, CÂLLAS delivers lasting pieces with legendary fit and playful details that elevate the collection beyond classic. All pieces are expertly and responsibly made in Italy and are the tailored wardrobe staples you’ll keep coming back to.” (Quoted from Neiman Marcus.)

Loulou Studio

“With a background in fashion consulting for nearly 10 years, Paris-based Chloé Harrouche finds inspiration in art, architecture, and Paris, her muse. Her intuitive yet exacting design process drove her to establish Loulou Studio to offer a timeless wardrobe of everyday essentials. The brand produces powerful collections blending comfort, detail, and structure, reflecting a bold, authentic take on the feminine silhouette.” (Quoted from Neiman Marcus.)

Another Tomorrow

“A brand that gives back, Another Tomorrow is a Certified B Corporation™. B Corps™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Another Tomorrow is reinventing luxury at the intersection of high-integrity design, sustainability, and innovation, offering a pathway to living in alignment. Sensual, strong, and exquisitely crafted on a foundation of custom meticulously sourced materials, Another Tomorrow pushes the boundaries of what responsibly grown and ethically manufactured materials can achieve, delivering on luxury without compromise.” (Quoted from Neiman Marcus.)

Summing it All Up

Now that you have become better acquainted with these relatively new-to-the-fashion-scene designers, you will appreciate what they offer.

Each glorious piece in this curated collection will continue to add to and build on the ultimate wardrobe we all seek to own.

Have fun acquiring your treasures!

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