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Welcome! I’m Bobbi Schwartz founder and CEO at Be Iconic Style. I’m very excited to share with you a unique site—just for you. I have been a personal stylist for over 20 years and in that time have witnessed the dramatic changes in women’s lives when they become truly confident in their personal appearance. Women who went unnoticed were promoted within weeks after changing only their work attire. The new change had that much of a powerful impact on their confidence.  Time and again I have watched this happen and want you to experience it too; and not just at work but in every aspect of your life.

The mission of Be Iconic Style is to help empower all women and guide them in their journey of transformation in every aspect of their life.

My team and I are dedicated to make Be Iconic Style the site where empowered women empower women. Our expert contributors will provide interesting and fun tips, techniques, videos and more to help you save time, eliminate stress and take on your life with new energy.

As an exclusive member site, my top commitment to all of you is exceptional customer service. I understand the value of customer relations and want you to know that we believe the customer is always right. If you have a concern, let us know immediately so we can help. You may contact us easily through live chat or email.

Finally, my vision for the future of Be Iconic Style continues to develop and I welcome your ideas and suggestions. If you have an interesting experience on how your life changed through Be Iconic Style, we would love to share your story.

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An empowered woman tends her inner fire,
Lights up those around her and sparks transformation
within and without…



Leading fashion stylist, author, speaker, and frequent radio show guest, Bobbi Schwartz, is a well-known style maven to the wealthiest women and men. She has worked for some of the world’s leading fashion houses including Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus. Bobbi has been an independent fashion consultant for over a decade, and has a global clientele.

Her focus is timeless chic with a twist and her impeccable service and flawless style has made her indispensable to her client base.

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Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women