Swimwear for Spring & Summer 2023 – Part 2

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As promised, this week we’re serving up part two of our series on Spring and Summer swim, featuring the fabulous bikinis and cover-ups we’ve been seeing!

As a reminder, last week, we discussed how looking “put together” in pieces that make you feel good about yourself inspires confidence. This, in turn, helps to ensure a fun and happy day, so as we continue with this theme, be sure to look for pieces that make your heart sing!

That said, let’s dive into (pun intended) Swim for 2023—part two!



As I often mention, I grew up on the beach in Southern California, so I bring a fun and perhaps alternative perspective to your bikini looks. Sometimes our bikini pieces would match, but often we would mix and match them for a bit of fun. Conversely, if headed to a luxury beach resort, we all knew our look had to be more sophisticated, so matching tops and bottoms were the order of the day in those cases.

In this post, I’ve divided the swimwear shopping into two categories—matching sets and mix-and-match bikinis. In the shopping for the latter category, you will see numerous swim tops and bottoms that will pair adorably! You’re going to love what I’ve found for you, whether you choose a matching bikini set or decide to mix things up!


Matching Bikinis


Mix-and-Match Bikini Looks


Coverups contribute tremendously to feeling more “put together” when it comes to your swim looks. Of course, your look will depend on whether you’re heading to the beach or pool for a more relaxed day or a luxe resort, in which case you will want to put a more sophisticated foot forward—metaphorically and literally speaking!

As before, I’ve divided the shopping for this category into three sections. The first section includes tunics, shirts, pants, and pareos. The second section includes short dresses and the third features maxi dresses. You’ll find plenty of adorable and flattering treasures throughout.

A bit more about…

Pareos: This is one of my favorite types of coverup. You can wear it alone with your swimsuit, whether a one-piece or a bikini or cover up your swimsuit with a white racerback tank top or a white T-shirt. Using a square knot, you will want to tie your pareo in a V shape at your hips. One last thing to note; be sure to buy cotton pareos instead of those made of silk or synthetic materials. In my opinion, these fabrics don’t convey beach attire. Furthermore, synthetic fabrics are generally less expensive to manufacture, and they tend to look flimsy and cheap. And silk is not only inappropriate in terms of how it’s used in swim situations, but it’s also too delicate to survive sun, sand, water, and chlorine.

This is the only coverup with instructions, I promise. All the others are self-explanatory, lol!

Short Dresses: This style is my favorite—along with the pareos—as the flowy ease of these dresses speaks to my soul. I have a more straight-up-and-down figure, so I love the relaxed forgiveness of this style of swim coverup. I pair this shorter dress style with my black patent flip-flops, and off I go, happily and confidently. It’s as simple as that!

Maxi Dresses: While this category may not be my personal favorite, maxi dresses are massively popular. The styles you will see in this section are fabulously fun, fresh, and chic, not to mention another easy way to style your swim look. I think you will be possessed by what you see!

Tunics, Shirts, Pants & Pareos

Short Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Summing it all up…

Between last week’s post and today’s, you now have everything you need to create your perfect swim looks. There are some fabulous finds, for sure! Be sure to take some time to think about the looks that resonate with you and make your heart sing. Trust me, doing so will pay you back in spades in terms of confidence, fun, and happiness. And don’t forget to reference last week’s post, Swimwear for Spring and Summer 2023–Part 1, for one-piece swimsuits, hats, bags, and shoes, when planning your looks.

Happy swimming this season, wherever you end up!

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