Shoes for Spring–Finishing Your Looks with Flair!

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This season’s shoes promise fun as a primary theme!

From flat sandals and platforms to heeled strappy investment sandals for dressier moments, this season will not be short on fabulous shoes. We’ll see loads of flat mules and loafers, comfy espadrilles, and even that year-round staple—boots! I love all the shoes featured in this post—regardless of their height—as the majority of them are relaxed and comfortable.

Each category pairs fabulously with the season’s wide-leg silhouette, whether you go for pants or denim. They also look amazing with the latest jean look—the ankle-length straight-leg jean. Most are delicious worn with shorts, and they definitely work with your joggers which have, by the way, become a more serious fashion statement of late.

The chic, comfy styles I’ve shopped for you will provide a fresh twist to your look and will be wearable for years. You’re going to have fun adding any number of them to your wardrobe, so happy shopping!



Platform sandals are such a fun trend! They go hand-in-hand with the retro ‘70s look that will be so prevalent this season.

Also included in this category are delicate and dressy strappy heeled sandals. This style will take you so many places, including lunch, dinner, evenings out—and anything up to (and including) cocktail. They won’t work for black-tie, but they’ll be perfect for most other dressy situations. And note that they are selling like crazy! They’re so versatile and worth their weight in gold in that you’ll have and wear them for years.

Looking for a flat sandal? I have those for you as well. Again, this style goes with so much and works beautifully with the more relaxed lifestyle that is so much a part of spring and summer.

I personally love everything in this section as each style packs a serious punch and is endlessly wearable.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; boots have become a year-round staple. I know I’m not alone when I confess that I could happily buy endless pairs of boots. Of course, you’ll see any number of them of the pointy-toe variety—and as you know I think that is the most flattering silhouette of any shoe style.

I’m also featuring the lug sole and combat boot which has become the hottest boot trend over the last few seasons. This is such a fun look worn with your jeans, joggers, utility pants, and, if you’re young enough, with your shorts and skirts.

Looking for tall boot treasures? I have those for you as well. And regardless of which boot style strikes your fancy, they’re all spectacular. And who doesn’t love that they can be worn year-round?

Loafers & Pumps

Loafers are the “must-have” shoe style to wear with your various jean silhouettes as well as menswear looks! I am possessed with how white loafers look with virtually everything, including all-black looks. This menswear classic is a timeless addition to your shoe wardrobe that will serve you forever and bring new dimension to what you already own.

Among the styles featured are a heeled loafer and a fabulous raffia pointy-toe pump. The raffia pump will go with any spring and summer dress you pair it with—and more. Be sure to check them out as they’ll be high on your list of “must-haves.” They are phenomenally gorgeous! 

Sneakers & Espadrilles

It’ll come as no surprise that I’ve dropped in a few pairs of sneakers. They are so adorable, and who doesn’t live in their sneakers?!? 

I’ve also shopped some delicious espadrilles which go with so much and are perfect for that light, warm-weather beach feel. They are also so comfy! Espadrilles are perfect worn with shorts, the new ankle-length straight jean, and wide-leg pants of every variety.

Another great look that comes to mind is a midi-length black dress or skirt with a high-wedge black ankle-wrap espadrille. Do pay attention, however. This look isn’t great on everyone, so be sure to check yourself out before leaving the house to make sure it looks good on you.

Slides & Mules

And last, but most assuredly, not least, let’s look at some slides and mules. What delicious shoe categories! Here I have featured chic mules and slides of the comfy, relaxed variety. And as Birkenstocks are an edgy, hot ticket, I’ve included a couple for consideration, along with a few styles reminiscent of their general vibe.

A fun way to style your Birkenstocks is by wearing a pair of chunky white socks with them. This look can be worn in a number of ways including, but not limited to, with shorts and activewear leggings.

In fact, a number of the slides are great with shorts, and some of the more delicate mules are perfect worn with cropped pants. Needless to say, there is lots of fun to be seen everywhere in this group of yummy, useable treasures.

There’s no doubt that we love our shoes, and let’s face it, a new pair of shoes not only make a statement but helps to breathe new life into the treasures that are already in your wardrobe.

I know you’ll be as possessed as I am by all the season’s newest additions. Which will you add to your spring shoe wardrobe?

Happy hunting!

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