Michael Kors Collection: A New Season of Timeless Chic

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I am a huge fan of Michael Kors Collection. In fact, it is one of the collections I most look forward to seeing each season.

Why you ask? Because I love that for Michael Kors, the Michael Kors Collection is all about timeless chic. It is simple and understated which, as you know, speaks to my chic-loving soul. And what he has done this season is nothing short of spectacular. There are numerous delicious treasures to tap into for those timeless additions to your wardrobe—and so many of them will work with what you already own—continuing his legacy of stunning, show-stopping collections.

Each of this season’s new pieces is sensational and so much fun! Moreover, they are all versatile which makes it easier for you to pull your looks together—and with phenomenal results. Anything that you acquire from this collection you will love and wear for years to come.


This Season’s Collection

You will see everything from suitings and sweaters to dresses and more. The blazers are fabulous, and wearable in a “keep them forever” sort of way. They are also very on-trend.

I’ve also shopped some coats that you’ll want in your wardrobe. The cotton and linen pieces are fabulous and guaranteed to be gorgeous on you. They’ll be perfect as temperatures warm up over the next couple of months.

As for color, you all know that I generally gravitate toward the neutrals, however having said that, I am in love with the yummy pink treasures included in this collection. From the sweater and shorts to the blazer, each is adorable and will add a perfect pop of color to your look.


Perfect Pieces for Your Essential Wardrobe…

Every single one of the gorgeous treasures you see here is worthy of inclusion in your wardrobe. The “stand-alone” factor has huge impact and makes each of them a perfect acquisition to build into your existing wardrobe. You cannot miss as each is sure to be a big hit.


Wardrobe Check-in

I wanted to leave you with a gentle reminder—now would be a great time to review your wardrobe. I recommend checking your closet to see which of those essential wardrobe pieces you might be missing. It’s always good to have a grasp on what you have so that as our e-blasts make their way into your inbox, you know what you’re in need of and can be on the lookout for those pieces.

Happy shopping!

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