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A trip to the beach is always a good thing, but shopping for the perfect swimsuit and accessories can strike fear in the most die-hard of shoppers.

To help ease your mind I’m sharing some of this season’s biggest hits in swimwear as well as some of my favorite styling tips. This information will ensure that you look and feel your most chic and confident self at the beach. I think you’ll love what you see!

You’ll notice I have separated the shopping in this post into various categories. I’ve done this not only for ease of shopping but also so that I may share some of my favorite look-fabulous-at-the-beach tricks. I’ve used and applied these handy tips for years, and now you can benefit from my experience!

So, here we go!


The One-Piece Swimsuit

This style of swimsuit is perfect for everyone. And truth be told, there are times when a one-piece suit is really your most appropriate option—even for those who usually opt for two-piece swimsuits. For instance, if you participate in any kind of sporty play, a one-piece swimsuit will be your savior, keeping you covered in all the right places. And if you find yourself in a professional type of beach setting, a one-piece swimsuit is the best way to go.

Having said all that, let’s look at what I’ve shopped for you.

Prints + Color

I generally gravitate toward solid color in swimwear, but you’ll notice that I did include a print in the shopping. I borrowed the style from the French, and it is not only trés chic but just so fun!

A good many of the suit styles I shopped feature great pops of color, and I highly recommend them. You will also note that most of the swimsuits I shopped are black. My philosophy is that black offers a stunning, chic “punch” that raises your level of chic by miles.

Chic Simplicity

What you really want from your one-piece swimsuit is simplicity. That said, you will note that all the one-piece swimsuits shown—including the print—feature simple, clean lines.

Most of what you’ll see are tank suits of one type or another. I have also included some one-shoulder styles as they are ever so chic along with a few halter swimsuits which are endlessly flattering as well.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve shopped a good number of Miraclesuits® which will be just the ticket for many!

Regardless of style or color preferences, the incredible beach treasures below are timeless and will serve you for years. They will also allow you to go forth in chic confidence!

The Two-Piece Swimsuit

If you are a bikini wearer, I have some great styling tips that make this type of swimsuit so much fun to wear.

First, you’re going to want to look for simple triangle or bandeau tops. Both are flattering, and if you’re large-busted, the bandeau is a wonderful option.

Second, if sophisticated chic is the look you’re going for, black is your friend. If you’re old enough to remember the Bain de Soleil ads from the ‘80s you’ll recall that the model always wore a black bikini—and it was both stunning and inspirational. I promise you that black is the chicest way to go. Always.

Third, while we know that black is the height of sophistication, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also have a little bit of fun! Mix and match your tops and bottoms for a more casual look. Consider buying a solid black and maybe also a solid white bikini and then add in print tops and bottoms to pair with your solid pieces. This look is very California, and it will get you miles of versatility in terms of all the various combinations you can conjure up.

Here’s to mixing, matching, and looking fabulous!

Beachwear Coverups

What you wear over your suit is one of your most important beach statements. I’ve found some fabulous options for you, and each is perfect in its own way.

To get started, let me just say, I absolutely love combining a simple, chic pareo or beach pant with a white T-shirt or tank.

T-shirts & Tanks

As far as tops go, your tank or T-shirt can be fitted or fluted and should fall just slightly below the waist. Remember, you want to stick with white here. Stay away from color—even black. And if you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, you may be able to forgo the tank or T altogether and simply wear your suit as your top.

Beach Pants

If you choose to wear beach pants, be sure to opt for cotton or linen, as the drape and play of this natural fabric is perfect for an outdoor setting. You’ll want to stay away from silks and synthetics. Regardless of their price, they always appear to look inexpensive.

To style your beach pants, try tucking in a white T or tank just a bit in the front and leaving the rest of your shirttail out. You can also look for a waist-length T or tank that you don’t tuck in.


Where pareos are concerned, the same rule applies as beach pants with regard to fabrication. You’re going to want to go for cotton or linen and stay away from silks and synthetics. Again, you don’t want to invest in an item for your wardrobe that comes off as inexpensive looking.

If you choose to wear a pareo, I recommend tying it in a square knot just below the waist. Tuck in your tank or T and then pull them out just a bit to create a more loose-fitting look. This makes your tummy look super flat. Tug at your square knot to be sure it is a little below your waist, creating a V look that will enhance your figure—and off you go. If you want more forgiveness in the tummy area, wear a fluted tank or T.

The remaining coverups you’ll see below are mini or knee-length. They vary from somewhat fitted to drapey and each is perfect in so many adorable ways. They are all-natural fabrics and super easy to wear, providing maximum chic punch.



Beach Bags

I love beach totes and any of the bags shown below could be lifetime purchases… that is if you don’t wear them out from endless use first! Each is stunning and worth its weight in gold.

For our purposes here the bags below are for the beach, but they could also be used all spring and summer as you move about town. They mix and match with so much and are perfect for holding all your travel necessities in flight and your beach gear on your daily journey to the water.

Beach Shoes

The shoes I’ve shopped for you are simple, chic, versatile, and endlessly useful. The flip-flops are perfection. Their simplicity is stunning, and the thong strap flatters your feet. You absolutely want to stay away from “stuff” on your thongs. That means no bling, bows, or other decoration. Again, simplicity is key!

One of the strengths of the thong is that in addition to flattering your feet they also flatter your legs and give the illusion of lengthening your body. As a result, this would be my top choice for you to wear with your pareo or beach pants.

I recommend black (only) and black patent is the definite winner in terms of creating the punch and chic you are seeking. I have included one pair of rubber sandals in the shopping that could be delicious as well. The style is simple, delicate, and since they are rubber, perfect for locations near water.

In beach slides, you’ll see a pair of clear slides which is yet another perfect choice for your beachwear. In fact, all the slides you’ll see below are yummy, fabulous, and serious contenders not only for the beach but also to be worn with shorts, crop jeans, and more. You will live in your slides and thongs all spring and summer. 

Wrapping it all up…

Keep in mind that all the valuable tips mentioned above are not only applicable to the beach, but also for trips to the pool, lake, etc. They will serve you endlessly and help you make the best choices as you move to put your beach look together. Looking chic at the beach has never been easier.

Have the best time as you shop and you beach!


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