Statement-making Bags for Spring 2022

Shoes and Bags

Next to our beloved shoes, bags are our favorite things to own—and we’ve found some beauties for spring!

But before I begin to extoll the attributes of our delicious spring bag offerings, I’d like to address a request I’ve heard numerous times. It seems that many of you are looking for bags that are chic and stylish, but more budget-friendly than the more expensive designer bags. I’ve heard you! That said, I’ve not only shopped our usual glorious collection of designer spring bags, but also some designer bags that pack a beautiful punch at a lower price point. We recommend that you look at all of them as you might just be surprised by what speaks to you and at what price.

Bags Are Statement Makers

It’s true—they are! In fact, they can make or break your level of chic. And not only that, but we also tend to live with our bags for years. Where other elements of our wardrobe may be discarded in time, we usually hang on to our bags. I can personally testify to that from all the client closets I have been in over the years. It is a rare thing to see bags let go.

As show-stoppers go, this season’s bags are no exception to the rule. From oversized totes to raffia to mock croc and satchels, they are incredible. Some options are more suited to chic, dressed-up looks and others will take you anywhere. Regardless of which you choose, each of these bags is stunning and fun!

On a personal note, I am possessed by the oversized totes and the mini bags. Both categories are endlessly useful and timeless “keepers.” I generally take both with me as I move throughout my day. I begin by wearing my crossbody and carrying my tote, and at some point, I end up putting my crossbody into my tote. Carrying both bags ensures that I always have what I need with me. And if I don’t need my tote at a given moment, I can always leave it in the car.

The Right Bag for the Right Occasion

You’ll want to keep in mind that larger bags are for daytime use and informal lunch dates with friends. For more formal luncheons and evenings out, you always want to carry a small bag.

Don’t panic if you cannot bring yourself to carry a mini but keep in mind that a smaller bag is absolutely what you want to carry in these two circumstances. Having said that, the mini bags you see here are perfect for these situations.

It’s All in the Details…

You’ll notice some stunning pops of color in a number of the bags I’ve shopped for you. While this is, admittedly, unusual for me, I love these bags and I think they would be great fun to own and wear for both spring and summer.

I’ve also included a couple of the raffia totes from our “Shopping Spring Break’s Stunning Swimwear Looks” blog post. So, if that style of tote is on your spring/summer bag shopping list, check out that post for more shopping. Each is a fabulous piece you will love and use for years.

Timeless Treasures

Does it come as a surprise to read that the bags I’ve included in this post are timeless? If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll not be surprised at all! It is my hope you love what I’ve shopped as much as I do.

Happy hunting!

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