Wardrobe Essentials–The Third Piece

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The cashmere “Doutzen” jacket from BIS favorite, Naked Cashmere.

In any creative endeavor, things are generally done in odd numbers.


That said, we’d like to introduce a wardrobe essential known as the “third piece.” This “piece” is an article of clothing—it could be a cardigan, a pull-over sweater, or a jacket—that compliments the other two pieces (your top and bottom) and finishes your look.

When wearing a cardigan, you always want to wear a v-neck and button the first button at the breastbone. This styling tip is fabulous as it generates the illusion of a slender silhouette by creating or enhancing your waistline, while the shape of the v-neck provides length, which also slenderizes. Sweaters and jackets can be worn or tied around the shoulders or hips—your choice.

Thirds pieces can be thought of like accessories; they add shape, polish, and chic to your look. Need to add a few third pieces to your wardrobe? Check out a few that we love and we think are perfect for your essential wardrobe!

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