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Bobbi wearing her favorite Robert Clergerie raffia mules. They’re no longer available, but we’ve found this year’s Manolo Blahnik lookalike oxfords for you!

What’s new in shoes? Well, as is the case with all this season’s trends, comfort is a primary theme.

Flat sandals and platforms are great finishing pieces for your summer looks. You will also see loads of flat mules and loafers. I love all of these shoes, regardless of height, because they are relaxed and comfortable.

Each of the categories of shoes shown here goes fabulously with the new wide-leg silhouette, be it denim or pants. Most are delicious with shorts, and for sure with your joggers, as we continue to wear them in ways we never anticipated—that is, as a more serious fashion statement.

You will not only love the comfy and chic styles I’ve chosen for you, but you will also have fun adding any number of them to your wardrobe. They will provide a fresh twist to your look and come in handy for years to come. Enjoy!


Be sure to check out my styling tips on how best to wear the gorgeous goodies that you are intrigued by. You’ll find them underneath each product photo, and I know you’ll find them invaluable!



Let’s begin with sandals. I’ve included platform sandals, which is such a fun trend that goes hand-in-hand with the 70s look that will be so prevalent this season. I’ve also shopped a pair of clogs as you can’t think of the 70s and leave them out! What you’ll see most of, however, is the flat sandal which goes with virtually everything and works beautifully with the more relaxed lifestyle we are still enjoying.

I love everything in this section, as each style packs a serious punch and is endlessly wearable.


Next, let’s look at slides and mules. What delicious shoe categories! Here I have featured chic mules and slides of the comfy, relaxed variety. And please don’t faint—I’ve even included some looks reminiscent of the Birkenstock vibe! (Those of you who know my style will get a laugh out of that one!)

There is lots of fun everywhere in this group of yummy, useable treasures.


Loafers are a “must-have” to wear with jeans of various styles as well as our menswear looks! The oxfords shown here, especially the Manolos, are worth their weight in gold in terms of chic timelessness.

Everyone needs these looks to bring a new dimension to what you already own. This menswear classic is a timeless addition to your shoe wardrobe that will serve you forever.


Of course, I dropped in a few pairs of sneakers. They are so adorable, and who doesn’t live in their sneakers?!? 

I’ve also added a few pairs of espadrilles, which go with so much and are perfect for that light, warm-weather beach feel. Talk about comfy! 


And last, but most assuredly, not least, let’s look at boots. Boots have become a year-round staple, and I never cease to want to own a zillion of them. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Of course, you will see the pointy toe, which you all know I feel is the most flattering silhouette in any shoe style. 

I’m also featuring the lug sole and combat boot which is such a fun look with your jeans, utility pants, and, if you are young enough, with your shorts and skirts. 

As women, we love our shoes! And as we continue to move out into the world, a gorgeous new pair of shoes will not only make a statement but will breathe new life into the existing looks and treasures in your wardrobe.

How fun is all this!  What will you add to your spring shoe wardrobe?

I know you will be as possessed as I am, and that is pretty darn possessed! So, shop away and happy hunting! 

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