For Warmer Weather—Think Casual, Think Free People!

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When I think of spring and summer dressing, I instantly think “casual.”

Warmer weather means more time outside playing, relaxing, and maybe even traveling to a beautiful and fun destination. With spring and summer lifestyle in mind, I also think “Free People.”

Free People is one of my favorite retailers and brands as I love their sometimes edgy, sometimes timeless, and always adorable looks. That said, this week, our focus is on what Free People is showing in the way of yummy, laid-back looks for spring and summer 2021.


Let’s start with some fun tops that you can pair easily with almost anything. This includes shorts (from linen to denim), the varied jean styles out this season, khakis, and utility pants.

What we’ve found will mix easily with what you already own, making them valuable treasures for easy dressing as we move into spring. We think you will love what you see—and you can use any of these styles endlessly.


Another type of top to include in your look is the tunic top. I love tunics as they are figure-flattering and a no-brainer to wear with your jeans and leggings. 

As a bonus, these longer top looks will give you the appearance of length and slenderness—and who doesn’t love that?  Each one of these pieces will bring an added dimension to your wardrobe with their simple yet fun style. 


Next, let’s take a look at jackets which serve two functions. First, they are that look-popping third piece that we all need, and second, they offer that bit of warmth that is often still necessary at the beginning of spring. They’re also helpful in the middle of summer when we find ourselves chilled from air conditioning.

Each of these pieces functions as wonderfully chic finishing statements.


Let’s finish with bottoms, be they jeans, shorts, skirts, or a workout pant. As with the tops, what we’ve found for you can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe and will be endlessly worn and loved!

Each of these styles is a way for you to try something fun and new to stretch your spring and summer casual style.

These fun and relaxed styles that “pop” your look and work easily with your existing wardrobe is what Free People is all about. They are comfortable, stress-free, and sure to get you in the mood for the fun that comes with spring and summer!

Happy shopping!


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