The Wide-leg Pant and Why We Are Possessed by Them!

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Bobbi wearing the super-chic, all-black, “Diane Keaton” look.

Have I mentioned recently how possessed I am by the wide-leg pant?


It is not only my favorite trend this season but also a style that truly stands the test of time. I love this silhouette in all its iterations, from a dress pant to a casual cotton pant to jeans. Of all the pant styles available, this look is the chicest.

Please don’t be confused by my undying love of the bootcut or flare-leg pant as the most flattering—I stand my ground there—but the wide-leg pant is chic in a way that is head-turning and timeless. Speaking of which, one of the reasons I love this silhouette is how flattering it is. It isn’t body-conscious like the narrow pant or even the bootcut flare pant, though it is incredibly flattering. It achieves this effect by slightly grazing your body without actually clinging to it. As a result (and my clients have heard me say this for years), it is ever-so-flattering to your backside.

In short, the wide-leg pant packs a chic punch and is tastefully flattering to your body. That said, let’s dive into style!



The timelessness of the wide-leg pant dates back to the 40s. Think Katharine Hepburn—then move on to early Ralph Lauren Collection, so showstopping it almost defies description—and then on to Diane Keaton, who is best known for her wide-leg menswear look.

The subtle, understated look of this pant in a dressier version not only “wows” but raises your level of chic exponentially. This version will take you from daytime work wear to cocktail and even black-tie evening—and the ways you can wear this look are numerous. For example, an all-black look including pants, a sweater (the weight of which will depend on the time of year), a pair of smoking slippers or lightweight loafers, a great watch, and simple stud earrings will easily take you from work or daytime to dinner out. This look is magic. Celine ran a national ad campaign showing a nearly identical look this season.

For work or daytime looks, you might consider the wide-leg pant with a collared menswear shirt or blouse and perhaps a double-breasted jacket. There are so many possibilities to up your level of chic.

The subtle, understated look of this pant in a dressier version not only “wows” but raises your level of chic exponentially.

Another showstopping look is all white. A wide-leg pant in white with a white linen shirt or t-shirt and a white linen double-breasted jacket is an extraordinary vision. Add some delicate flat sandals and minimal jewelry to finish this spectacular look that is perfect for summer, including casual cocktail.

And for serious cocktail and black tie, you have everything from flowy satin pants to a tuxedo look. All of these combinations are timeless and stunning and the perfect looks to have in your wardrobe as they can take you so many places where you will feel confident and gorgeous wearing them.


There are edgier cotton and jean options available, which look great with a white t-shirt to which you can add a sweater, denim jacket, and even an oversized cotton or linen double-breasted jacket.

Shoe options to consider with these edgier looks run the gamut from white leather sneakers and flat sandals (chunky Birkenstock-type looks or a simple flip flop) to oxfords, slides, mules, clogs, and platforms.


While today’s focus was the pants themselves, next week I’m going show you which of this season’s fabulous shoes pair up with these stunning and timeless wide-leg treasures.

My intent is to provide you with the tools to pull these yummy looks together with ease and chic, so you’re definitely going to want to tune in and find out how to combine the shoes I’ve shopped for you with your wide-leg pants for looks that will “wow” and make an impact.

Have fun and happy wardrobe-building!

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