The Perfect Shoe Looks for Every Style of Wide-leg Pant

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Bobbi wearing Michael Kors “Velma Creeper” platforms with her wide-leg pants.

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll no doubt hear it again, the shoes you choose to wear not only make a massive statement about you and your look but also your level of chic.


Always remember that when we’re checking someone out, we unconsciously begin and end with their feet. And of course, the same is true when others are checking us out. Your shoes are key to every single thing you put on, and they are often what ultimately pulls your look together. When well-chosen, they pop your look and up your chic.

All that said, we’re going to shift our focus to the specific topic of shoes that pull together your wide-leg pant looks.



Our first stop will be daytime looks that go from work to evenings out when you don’t have time to get home to change. If you read our blog on wide-leg pants, you may recall the all-back look I so love, and Celine promoted this season. It is the epitome of timeless chic and works perfectly when taking you from work to evening. I can vouch for the statement this look makes; it has been around for decades, and will no doubt be around for decades more.

My go-to shoe for this look falls mostly into the menswear category. My first choice is the smoking slipper as it creates such a wonderful ambiance to your look. Another shoe that works well with this look is a simple, light loafer. I also love the Michael Kors “Velma Creeper.” It is a platform, but it’s not chunky or oversized. Rather, it’s understated and lightweight in both look and feel.

And speaking of lightweight, I included some flats with ankle straps. These do not fall into the menswear category, but they make a gorgeous statement and go well with the all-black look.

In terms of color, I suggest black for your shoes—but for a delightful twist, I am drawn to white, off-white, and black and white loafers. These looks are all stunning and can cause people to do double-takes. That’s when you know you have a showstopper!




The pants you want to choose for these looks will be made of dressier cottons, linens, and silks, and with these, I encourage a delicate flat sandal. So often my clients will question wearing flat sandals if they are not tall, but to that I say, your height does not matter.

Another shoe that I have included just for fun (and a glorious twist) is the Manolo Blahnik Raffia Oxford. This oxford goes perfectly with your cotton and linen pants and lends itself to a 40s menswear look that is fabulous!




Now we’re heading into casual territory with wide-leg jeans and pants made from casual cotton. These edgy and funky feeling looks are such glorious fun and you can do so much with them!

Converse and white leather sneakers really add to this particular look, and Birkenstock-style sandals make it so “this year” and new! Don’t forget platforms that are always a hit with that fun 70s vibe. These shoes, paired with your wide-leg pants and jeans, really make the statement you want and definitely pop your look.

You’ll see that I have separated the categories of these shoes for ease of shopping so that you can find your perfect pair… or pairs!





Loafers & Oxfords



Now you are armed with the perfect summer shoes to wear with all the yummy wide-leg pants and jeans that we are possessed by. Each and every pair of these shoes will not only up your chic but will have you feeling like a million as you move through your various activities this spring and summer.

And take note—you will absolutely want to get on this shopping as I am not kidding when I say that these shoes are blowing out like a K-Mart “Blue Light Special!” And for those of you too young to understand that reference, this is a good sign that we’re all ready to move forward with our normal lives. Happy shopping!

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