Casual Summer Chic: The Art of Styling White Jeans

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Discover the secrets to effortlessly styling white jeans with our curated guide to chic looks and standout pieces.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll have heard me say that putting together chic casual looks is something my clients often struggle with. Creating fabulous casual looks can be stressful and are frequently unsuccessful. That said, white jeans are one of the most challenging wardrobe pieces to make chic.

Because of this, in this week’s post, we’re going to share both some stunning pieces and helpful ideas that will make all the difference when it comes to the ease and success with which you can get to chic with your white jeans.

Consider this blog a tool and be sure to read through it thoroughly.

This is one blog you want to read through entirely, as it is a tutorial to help you learn some timeless casual looks that will serve you endlessly. Have fun with this!

White Jeans

Since this post revolves around white jeans as the foundation of your look, we’re going to start with the various jean styles and silhouettes you’ll see, including wide-leg, bootcut, and straight-leg.

I am personally possessed by the white wide-leg jeans I’m seeing as I love the baggy, puddled look. The bootcut or flare version is stunning and ever-so-flattering to everyone and will take you to dressier places.

The straight leg is the most casual and laid-back of the three white jean styles, as it is “quieter” than the other two silhouettes. It is adorable, but only in the super casual hanging-around sense. I love this style and just want you to be aware of the chic impact you get from the other two styles in comparison. Having said that, it makes a statement of its own in terms of super, super casual looks.


Straight-Leg Jeans


Bootcut Jeans


Wide-Leg Jeans


The tops you’ll see in this curated collection all go with all the white jean styles. The shoe styles are not as versatile, however, and do not. So, if you tend not to read all the way through these posts and refer to the images only, you’ll want to think twice this time. The details I share with you will truly help you to pull together a sensational (dare I say stunning) look.

I often say there is a fine line between looking mediocre and looking fabulous—and that principle applies in spades here! So, read away and learn how to combine the various pieces I’ve shopped for you to get you to the place of chic you covet and the confidence that goes with it!

In this first shopping section, you will see a variety of tops, from button-front shirts and striped T-shirts to a few fabulous miscellaneous pieces. I love the nautical look of the striped T-shirts as it is the height of chic when worn with neutrals. I love the delicious potential of each. You will note there is no black here as I find black too harsh when worn with white jeans. You all know how much I generally gravitate toward black, but not in this case.


The Iconic White T

PLEASE NOTE: I do not suggest wearing a white T-shirt alone with white jeans. In this instance, the all-white look is not a good one. However, layering a white T-shirt underneath other tops is fabulous… and it is the only time a white T should be worn with your white jeans. In this section, I have included a few adorable iconic white Ts to layer underneath your shirts.

Denim Shirts

This is a fun and stylish pairing with your white jeans. Layering a white T under your denim shirt provides versatility and converts your denim shirt into a third piece. As a point of reference, I always layer my denim shirts with a white T, but you can go either way.


Tops & Sweaters

As with the denim shirts, I’ve shopped a number of adorable tops and sweaters that, like the denim shirts, can be worn with a white T layered underneath them—or not. The choice is yours.

I will weigh in with my opinion, however. I believe the addition of layering with a white T adds richness and depth to your casual look. I always do this with a piece that can be layered. It is my preference for sure. As an example, please note the tan-colored Eileen Fisher crewneck sweater in the shopping. I have an identical sweater, and I always wear a white T layered underneath it. Once you try the look, you will see what I mean. Wow!

Third Pieces to Wear with White Jeans

The only third piece I am including here is the denim jacket.  This is an all-around perfect and easy third piece and offers off-the-charts impact to your look. When I say easy, I mean you will barely have to give a thought to your third piece for this look when wearing a denim jacket.




Shoes to Wear with White Straight-Leg Jeans

The white straight-leg jeans you see here are cropped or ankle length, and I see them worn with flat sandals and espadrilles. Skip the platforms as they are too heavy for the look, so they won’t help with the chic you seek. You will see white sneakers shown with a few of the crop jeans and they would be adorable too. I didn’t shop them for this blog as we have them in other places on the site, and if you are like most of us, you already own at least one pair.  For the record, I am seriously partial to the espadrilles you see here.

Shoes to Wear with White Bootcut or Flare-Leg Jeans

The platforms and flatforms you see here are absolutely perfect for the bootcut or flare-leg white jean. Their height plays on the lengthening and slenderizing of this timeless silhouette, and I highly recommend them. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Shoes to Wear with White Wide-Leg Jeans

Every style of shoe you see here works fabulously with your wide-leg white jeans. The platforms and flatforms are incredible and create an entirely different look from the espadrilles and sandals I’ve shopped.

I love all the looks, but if you were to see me cruising around in my wide-leg white jeans, most of the time, I would be wearing a flat espadrille, ballet flat, or flat sandal as this is much more my style. Having said that, if I were going somewhere a bit dressier, I’d be all about platforms or flatforms. You literally cannot miss with any of these shoe styles. Chic, chic, and more chic!

Before we go…

I haven’t shown a statement belt here, so I want to share that I think this look needs one.  If you are interested in a sterling silver western buckle with either leather or alligator belts that snap onto the buckle so you can change colors (think brown and black) I am happy to help. Simply give me a call, and we will put it together.  Men do the snap-on belts, but the designer world has not come to that for women, and we all know this can be endlessly and timelessly useful. So, that being said, I am here to help if this speaks to you.

In Summary

It is my sincere hope that what you have learned here will serve you endlessly as you create various white jean looks this summer and beyond. These tips are timeless and will hold you in good stead as you put your white jean looks together over the coming years.

And what you see here? They are treasures that you will wear in many ways, and you will look stunning in them—however you use them!

Happy casual dressing in your white jeans!

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