The Essential Travel Tote: Why You Need One

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Stylish, comfy travel is more than just the clothing you wear…

We’ve already discussed the various types of chic and comfortable options you’ll want to consider wearing, and today we’re going to focus on the timelessly chic and essential travel tote. We’re also going to discuss what you’ll want to put in it as you get ready to take off on your next fabulous journey.

Why a tote bag? And what should I look for?

The type of tote I’m talking about is an investment piece that I consider a lifetime purchase. It will not only “pop” your whole look, but it will catapult your chic style. You want a large bag as this tote serves the purpose of helping to keep you organized with easy access to things you will want on your flight.

Even if you bring a carry-on bag with you, it can be frustrating and inconvenient to have to continually get into that bag when you can have all your travel essentials at your fingertips, directly in front of you. This helps to alleviate clutter and the possibility of leaving something behind on the plane.

Now that we have established the need for this tote, let’s get into the details. First, you want a designer tote. The reason? Your handbag is the second tell of your level of chic and is only superseded by the shoes you wear. In short, bags make a massive style statement about you.

You’re going to love the yummy options we have in tote bags—not to mention accessories!


You want a black tote for its chic and to build on your all-black travel uniform. And believe me when I tell you, this black tote will end up serving you in all other aspects of your life! I recommend you consider a lightweight tote. You will have plenty in your bag that will add to the weight, so starting with a lightweight tote is a consideration that will serve you endlessly. You will thank me as you are walking through the airport, not to mention any of the other places you’ll be visiting.

Next, let’s look at all the treasures you want to carry in your bag!


Here’s something to keep in mind for your journey—I always carry a small crossbody bag in my travel tote. It has all I would normally carry in it and makes it easy to know where certain things are. In addition, of course, the crossbody serves in so many ways. I often actually wear it in the airport, until I board, and, of course, I use the travel tote frequently once I arrive at my destination, so, the crossbody is inside or being worn for all or most of my trip.

You will love what you see here, as these bags are extraordinary. And for those of you who love smaller crossbody bags that are great for credit cards, ID, and phones, these are a dream come true. So adorable!



Accessories for travel documents & jewelry

We love accessories that help keep us organized when we travel. An organizer in which to put your passport and itineraries is not only a sanity saver but also helps you look and feel ever-so-polished and put together. I have included a number of alligator organizers as they are off-the-charts chic and so durable that you will literally have them for a lifetime. They have that yummy wow factor that brings joy when you use them. I know they are pricey, but they are truly a lovely investment that you will be so happy you acquired.

In addition, I have also included a jewelry organizer as well. If you’re anything like me, you prefer to keep your valuables with you rather than in your luggage.

Cozy pieces to keep you warm in flight

A heavy cashmere wrap and cashmere socks are guaranteed to help you relax and protect you from the super chilly temperatures we all experience during a flight. A helpful tip I learned years ago is to use my cashmere wrap as my blanket.

Accessories for cash/credit cards & makeup

When it comes to your money, I recommend a card case, or even a coin purse, in which to put your cash and credit cards. Studies show that in terms of security, you are wise to split up your documents, cash, and credit cards, and these accessories make that easy.

You will note I have included some delicious options for you in terms of wallets and cardholders. You will see that none of them are longer wallets but shorter and more compact, and naturally, you will want a lovely makeup bag as well. As you can see, everything shown here is a piece you will love and use for years and look polished and chic as you do so.


The addition of an investment travel tote and the accessories with which you fill it are the finishing must-have touches to your chic travel look—and truly a showstopping combination.


Safe, marvelous journey!


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