Unveiling Wedding Season Looks: Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Elegance

Casual Attire

As wedding season approaches, the prospect of finding the perfect ensemble can feel daunting, but fear not – we’re here to guide you through every stylish step of the way.

Even if you are a part of the social scene who frequently dresses for cocktail and black-tie, it is still a process that doesn’t feel easy.  And interestingly, cocktail and black-tie are the most popular of the wedding dress codes!

That being said, we have found treasures in all the areas you will need to be completely and fabulously attired.  We are separating what we have for you into cocktail and black-tie categories.

As we begin, I want to point out a couple of important things to note for each of these categories. The first thing to know is that leather bags and shoes are perfectly acceptable for cocktail looks, but this is not the case for black-tie looks. When it comes to black-tie, your shoes and bags must be satin if you plan to be appropriately attired. Pointy-toe satin pumps, flats, or mules will be in order for shoes.

Not sure about shoe colors that match your dress? I have a solution! I have included white and off-white shoes that you can have dyed to match the exact color of your gown. If you choose to go this route, I caution you not to wait until the last moment to do this, as it can take time. But, oh! It is so worth the effort for the gorgeous, polished impact of your look!

One more thing as we start, and that is the bags we selected for you will serve you beautifully for both cocktail and black-tie wedding attire as well as for other events you might attend.

That said, let’s dive into cocktail looks, which will be followed by black-tie looks.  As you shop, you will find timeless treasures, in a range of prices from more budget-friendly to designer. We thought you would appreciate that.


Ooh la la, here we go!

Cocktail – Color Dresses

Cocktail – Black Dresses

Cocktail – Black Shoes

Cocktail – Black Mules & Sandals

Cocktail – Gold Shoes & Sandals

Black Bags for Cocktail & Black-Tie

Gold & Silver Bags for Cocktail & Black-Tie

Black-Tie – Formal Gowns in Color

Black-Tie – Formal Gowns in Black

Black-Tie – Formal Black Shoes

Black-Tie – Formal Black Sandals

Black-Tie – Formal White Shoes

Black-Tie – Formal Color Shoes

Black-Tie – Formal Gold & Silver Shoes

Black-Tie – Formal Sandals, Mules & Slides

Summing it All Up

Ladies, we hope you enjoy the options we’ve offered to help you create the perfect look for the events you attend and feel your most gorgeous, confident self. 

Remember, these are timeless treasures that will help you create a sensation this wedding season and for the cocktail and formal events you will attend over the years.

Happy, successful hunting! 

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