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They’re here, and we’ve fallen head over heels for those fun and fabulous fall boots! 

With fall here and winter approaching, this is one category of the fall season’s collections that draws us all. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love boots, and this season, there are some truly glorious options to be had—and I’m happily going to share them with you. Ladies, hold onto your hats!

In the last few years (since COVID), the typically wide range of styles we’d previously come to expect have been in short supply… but this season—WOW! They are back! You will see some magnificent boot candidates that, if you’re anything like me, will make your heart beat faster! And as far as Fall 2023 trends go, there are two that you’ll recognize immediately—pointy toes and over-the-knee boots.

Now, I may not be an expert meteorologist—or a meteorologist at all, for that matter, but I do want to share that the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that it’s going to be a long and wet/snowy winter. This will necessitate warm boots, and what a wonderful excuse to shop these seriously chic styles!

So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Riding Boots

These comfy, chic boots are treasures you will have for a lifetime. They are not only forever in style but also extremely versatile. You’ll generally see them in black or brown tones, assisting in their timelessness; however, this year, I have found an exception that I am possessed by—a winter white moc croc boot that you’ll see below in the shopping.

Riding boots look spectacular with leggings, skinny jeans, jodhpurs, skirts, and dresses.

Over-the-Knee Boots

A hot trend you’ve undoubtedly seen this season is over-the-knee boots, and they will absolutely pop your look! You will see flat, kitten, and three-and-a-half-inch heels in this boot category. All are showstoppers, and all are pointy-toed.

The flat-heeled style of this fabulous silhouette looks fantastic when worn with leggings, skinny jeans, skirts, and dresses. I’d pair their heeled counterparts primarily with skirts and dresses, although the kitten heels could also be worn with leggings and skinny jeans.


Knee-High Boots

What a fun category! These boots include two-and-a-half to three-inch stiletto-style heels in addition to the taller, chunky heel look. Gorgeous is the word I’d use to describe each of them.

Note the moc croc trend on some styles. Its fabulous texture will really pop your look. These boots are stunning with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses and possess that serious WOW factor!


Western-Style Boots

This style may be dicey here in Texas as so many of us have custom-made boots, or at the very least, Lucchese. Having said that, over the years, many of my clients have acquired the Isabel Marant “Denvee” boot, a style of which I am deeply possessed. With that in mind, be sure to look at the shopping below, as these styles are so fun!

Storytime: A client of mine recently attended a black-tie wedding on a ranch. We chose to pair a Western-style boot with her full-length gown, and it was a fabulous look! In fact, we liked it so much that she decided to wear those boots with her cocktail look for the rehearsal dinner. In case you’re curious, she wore a black Jimmy Choo “Cece” boot—but don’t let that influence your choice if another style from this category speaks louder to you.


Mid-Calf Boots

I love this category of boot. Oddly, I feel it is the most versatile of styles. You will see everything here, from round-toed flat to pointy-toe heeled silhouettes. This style goes with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses and can be very flattering on your leg as they add another layer of intrigue to your look. It’s such a delicious category of boot! I know you’ll love them as much as I do!


Ankle Boots

This pant-only boot is the most valuable category in terms of its usefulness. Lest you misunderstand, I have each style of boot in my closet—as do my clients—however, most of mine are ankle height.

When it comes to ankle boots, you always (and I do mean always) want to go with a pointy toe. Why? It gives the illusion of lengthening and slenderizing, and it even makes you look taller. Furthermore, pointy toes are timeless and add a serious “wow” factor to your look!

And now it’s time for my ankle boot PSA. This style should only be worn with full-length pants. Pairing these boots with crop pants, skirts, dresses, or shorts is a colossal style mistake I see daily. It is profoundly unflattering as it disrupts the flow of your look and shortens your leg length drastically. In essence, it does the opposite of “lengthen and slenderize.”

All that aside, these adorable pointy-toe ankle boots are timeless treasures you will love and wear for years.


Lug Sole Boots

These comfy, chunky, ever-so-useful boots are edgy and fun! They really do change everything up. Relaxed is the name of the game here, not to mention chic and cozy.

My favorite way to wear this style of boot is with wide-leg and flare-leg jeans or cargo pants. There are also a few mid-calf versions that will work with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses—another edgy way to wear these fabulous casual boots!


Summing it all up…

Boots are such a huge part of what we love most when it comes to the rich, luxe looks of fall dressing, on top of which they complete and “pop” our looks. They can also completely change up the looks we create and serve us well for years.

The wide array of boots included in this post takes you from the quiet luxury of polished dressing to the fun and edgy casual—all of which have a place in your fall and winter wardrobe. Happy hunting!

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