Fabulous Fun with Free People

Casual Attire, Fashion Trends

Edgy, fun, and gloriously chic, Free People is a treasure trove of casual style.

As we continue exploring some of our favorite trends for the season, this week’s post will be a departure from our recent focus on the timeless splendor that is quiet luxury. We love the juxtaposition of Free People’s edgy, fun looks alongside some of our other choice trends for Fall. This brand is perfect for those yummy casual treasures that will absolutely pop your look.

Quiet Luxury vs. Casual Whimsy… I chose both!

I have always been in love with quiet luxury, yet I have also always been a huge fan of Free People, and I would only consider my wardrobe complete with a selection of both styles in it. I particularly love Free People’s sense of whimsy and the delicious twist their pieces add to any look.

One point to note as you shop: the pieces I show are primarily neutrals. That being said, many of them are available in a variety of colors, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck! If something speaks to you, but you’re after color, I suggest you click on the piece and see what other options are available. There’s lots of fun to be had with this!

That said, let’s embark on our Free People style adventure!


This casual wardrobe staple is a huge part of our lives, and wide-leg jeans are a major trend this season. Of course, I’ve also included flare-leg jeans, as they are the most universally flattering style for all our body shapes.

Free People always delivers in the denim category, and I think you’ll find that to be true this season, in particular.

Jackets and Coats

This is one of my favorite categories where Free People is concerned. These third pieces are incredible look poppers and compliment magnets. As you peruse these delicious treasures, I know you will agree. Wow!



I’m just going to say it: you are going to love each and every one of these Free People tops. You will not only look adorable in them, but you will wear them for years to come. They are fun and chic, and I can guarantee you will be stopped and asked about them!



Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater? These relaxed pieces pack so much style punch that you will reach for them continually and want to wear them daily! Love, love, love!



Another huge trend this season is the timeless and edgy cargo pant. This silhouette can do so much for your look! You’re also going to be possessed by Free People’s knit and flare pants. In the knit category, be sure to check out the velvet pull-on pants with variegated ribbing. They are off-the-charts fabulous and will garner endless compliments. They also come in a slew of enchanting colors. Along with the flare print pull-on pants, the “wow!” factor is huge!


Shoes, Boots & Accessories

Each of these shoes and boots from Free People is delicious! As you peruse, you will see what I mean. And the accessories are equally fabulous! You will love the yummy weekender bag as well as the little cotton kerchief, socks, and hats. Each packs so much chic punch when added to your casual look!


Summing it all up…

My personal romance with the Free People brand has always served me well. Each incredible piece I have acquired over the years has garnered numerous compliments, and for good reason. Free People know what they are doing, and they produce pure, fun, style magic year after year!

And now I’m going to put a bug in your ear… The holidays will be upon us before you know it—and these fabulous pieces make incredible gifts that will give you major bang for your buck. These days, that speaks volumes! Happy shopping!

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