Fall Trends–Menswear: A Chic and Timeless Statement

Fashion Trends

When it comes to this season’s fall trends, one look that I am possessed by is menswear. There is something about its rich, simple charm that injects a bit of drama into the world of fashion.

At the heart of menswear’s allure are those pleated, baggy trousers that define the look. And let’s not forget the pivotal role that footwear plays; it adds a playful twist to the ensemble. So, from head to toe, this look exudes serious chic. We’ll also be looking at fabulous tops that include turtleneck sweaters, tailored silk blouses, and crispy collared shirts—and toppers in the form of blazers (both single- and double-breasted) as well as the essential khaki trench coat.

I adore the timeless appeal of menswear and the effortless chic it exudes. As women, we often struggle with the challenge of pulling together an ensemble that makes us feel like a million dollars. However, this particular style comes together easily to create a chic and impeccably polished presentation.

Let’s break it down, starting with the foundation: Menswear Trousers.

Menswear Trousers

Prepare to be wowed by the wide-legged wonders with elegant pleats that are a hallmark of this style. How fabulous are these?

Menswear Turtleneck Sweaters

Moving upward, the top portion of this menswear look brings us to Turtleneck Sweaters. I love their timeless appeal, and they pair effortlessly with those menswear trousers. Notice the variety in weights and fabrics, each carefully chosen to flatter different body shapes and complement various skin tones. These yummy pieces are not just perfect for the menswear look; they’ll elevate your entire fall and winter wardrobe.


Menswear Silk Blouses and Crispy White Shirts

Now, let’s talk about Silk Blouses and Crispy White Shirts. The graceful drape of silk blouses is figure-forgiving and eternally stylish. It’s a piece that never goes out of style and pairs perfectly with your menswear ensemble. Alongside the slink and drape of the silk blouse, we have the crisp chic of white cotton shirts. These tailored men’s shirts are another versatile addition that will stand the test of time and elevate your menswear look effortlessly.


The Poppers–Menswear Blazers and Trench Coats


The menswear blazer is the key to completing your ensemble. I lean towards double-breasted blazers for that extra flair, but I’ve also discovered some single-breasted gems that are too adorable to ignore. These blazers work seamlessly with sweaters, blouses, and shirts, offering a ton of stylish combinations and putting a bit of zing into this timeless and very fun look.



Trench Coats 

This quintessential piece screams menswear. Just think about it, and you can envision a gentleman in his suit with a trench coat casually thrown over it. This topper is a brilliant choice to finish your look. You can wear it over your blazer or as a standalone third piece, perhaps paired with the turtleneck sweater. Either way, it’s a showstopper.

Keep in mind that in the context of this particular look, we’re going for khaki only, so that’s what you’ll see represented in the shopping.

Menswear Shoes and Boots

Our final stop today is Menswear Style Shoes and Boots. This selection offers a range of footwear options that are perfect for your menswear ensemble. From ballet flats to loafers, smoking slippers to boots, each exudes a distinct menswear vibe. You’ll notice the absence of pointy toes – in this instance, they just don’t fit the look. Surprising, right? These shoes and boots serve as a perfect (and delicious!) finishing touch. Remember, people start and end with your feet when they’re sizing you up, so consider the impact your choice of footwear will have in completing your menswear look.


Summing it all up…

Menswear is a unique approach to dressing that stands apart from the norm—unless you’re Diane Keaton. It’s statement dressing at its finest as it represents chic, timeless elegance with a touch of drama, and it’s truly in a class of its own.

I invite you to embark on a wonderful adventure in creating your versatile and timeless menswear statement. Happy Hunting!

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