Khaki and White: Channel Your Inner French Chic

Casual Attire

There’s no denying the incredibly chic pairing of khaki and white.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve no doubt heard me say that khaki and white are an incredibly chic pairing. The simplicity of the palette makes it so easy to mix and match, and the concept of khaki and white worn together always makes me think of the French and their simple and straightforward approach to dressing chicly. French style is always understated, and that is what I see for us this summer with the freshness this showstopping combination brings.


We’re doing things a little differently this week…

But before I tell you what’s different, I’d love to share a little insight. When I was a little girl, we had something called paper dolls, where you had a paper doll figure along with a variety of pieces you could combine to make different outfits for your paper doll. Little did I know then that this favorite pastime of mine was a precursor to my future career. I mention this as what we are doing today reminds me of real-life paper dolls—and how fun is that?!

For this post, we have created a delicious khaki and white look from the pieces I have shopped. My intention is to have a fabulous look you can reference and be enchanted with and then offer you a number of other pieces that can be used interchangeably. So, if you find another piece that you prefer, you can swap it out as a substitute for that category in the original look.


This Week’s Categories

As you work your way through the blog, you will note that, as always, my khaki and white selections have been separated into categories. This will help as you look at the khaki and white look I created and then, piece by piece, decide whether you like the original I chose or you prefer another piece in that category.

The categories include Raffia Bags, Leather & Woven Bags, Tops, T-shirts, Third Pieces, Denim Third Pieces, Pants, Cargo Pants, Shorts & Skirts, Hats, Sandals, and Shoes.

So, have fun creating your own perfect khaki and white look, or run with mine! Either way, you know you have a complete look, and it is a look I would create for you if we were working together on this.

Raffia Bags

Leather/Woven Bags



Third Pieces

Denim Third Pieces


Cargo Pants

Shorts & Skirts




In Summary

These chic, timeless treasures will serve you endlessly and mix and match with things you already own. I have no doubt that the simplicity of the khaki and white pairing, along with the powerful style punch it packs will make you a convert, and you will be drawn to this look time and time again.

So, channel your inner French chic and have the best time selecting those perfect pieces for you!

Have fun with it all! Happy shopping!

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