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Knowing how to wear this trending silhouette can up your chic exponentially!

One of the biggest trends this season is the ankle-length straight-leg jean. Keep in mind, this isn’t a skinny jean, nor is it a straight wide-leg jean. It is simply a straight-leg jean. It is narrow and fits on your backside but without clinging to or fitting tightly on your legs.

This jean style—even if you choose a version with a frayed bottom—is reminiscent of decades past, and combined with the right pieces is a simple, chic, easy look that is perfect for spring and summer.

The treasures you will see in today’s post are yummy and ever-so-versatile. They perfectly complement these jeans, will pop your look, and work well with so much else already in your closet. They will also coordinate well with all your other styles of jeans in addition to many of your menswear looks, activewear, shorts, and skirts.

Curious to see what we’ve got for you? Let’s dive in!

Cropped Ankle-Length Straight-Leg Jeans

The foundation of this look, of course, is the jean itself so I have pulled together the best looking of the ankle-length straight-leg jeans from this season’s offerings. If you are on the shorter side, you may need to shorten them some. Speaking of which, if you do have to visit with your tailor, be sure to remember to request the original hem. That way you have your hem the way the manufacturer created it—be it frayed or simply a sewn bottom. You want to be sure this jean hits you at or just above the top of your ankle bone. That is key to wearing this look as it is intended.

I happen to own a pair of straight-leg denim that I have loved for years. They are long, and I often wear them ruched at the top of my short UGGS. What shall I do with them this season?  Honestly, I am uncertain. I vacillate between cutting them off to ankle length or simply just rolling them. They are a serious designer pair, so I cringe at thought of the permanence of cutting them. That said, one of my points here is that wearing these jeans with a rolled cuff works beautifully. In fact, you will see several examples of cuffed straight leg jeans in the denim shopping portion of this post.  If you go that route, I recommend at least two pair of this hot new look in your jean purchases.

As you shop through today’s post you’ll want to note the hemmed and the frayed bottoms in addition to the rolled cuff. Have fun with this super casual, easy way to wear your jeans!

The Perfect Tops to Wear with Your Cropped Ankle-Length Straight-Leg Jeans


Crispy Cotton Shirts

Now let’s look at all the tops you can pair with these fun, easy jeans. You will see a few crispy cotton collared shirts, including some short-sleeved versions. These are not only fabulously chic (and quintessentially French) but perfect for the heat that will soon be upon us.

White Tees

Of course, I’ve also shopped white tees for you. They are an iconic staple and what we, at Be Iconic Style, refer to as a wardrobe essential. They are not only easy to combine with anything, but they pop your look and save you from the craziness of trying to find that perfect something to wear. I have included short and long-sleeved tees and V-neck and crewneck options. Remember that these treasures are worth buying and keeping in volume when you find styles that flatter you.

Hoodies & Sweaters

Hoodies are perfect over the white tees, as are crew or v-neck sweaters. When you wear a crewneck sweater over a crewneck tee, you have just an edge of the tee that shows. That little pop of white at the neckline is perfection!

The double-breasted blazers you see here can be worn with the iconic white tees and the crispy cotton shirts. And by the way, I have only included double-breasted blazers for this look as they provide the pop that you want to finish your look with chic and flair. They are fabulously adorable! In my opinion, single-breasted blazers will not achieve the same effect in this particular situation.

There are so many options for mixing and matching your new ankle-length straight-leg jean look with the pieces I’ve shopped, and naturally, with so much you already own.

Shoes to Wear with Your Cropped Ankle-Length Straight-Leg Jeans

Lastly, let’s visit shoes—and what’s not to love here? Each of these styles is not only perfect with this new jean look but fabulous in any number of ways worn with pieces you already have in your closet, from wide-leg menswear to shorts and maybe even skirts and dresses.


The white leather sneaker continues to be a perfect choice for your life and I have also included the Converse sneaker, which adds a completely different vibe to your jean look. It is reminiscent of California and the beach.

Driving Mocs & Slides

The driving moccasins and the slides also work perfectly for this look. We love the Birkenstock and Birkenstock lookalikes, which look fabulous with this jean silhouette. You might even try a chunky white sock when you wear this look.


And the flip-flops—now this is a staple we all love to wear. Just be sure they are simple and free of any decoration. In fact, simplicity is the only way to go with these chic, casual treasures. Please note that I have chosen patent leather for the black flip-flops and matte leather for the brow tones. The patent in black is the way you want to go, and be sure to jump on these as they sell out super fast.  (And I am not kidding!)

Wrapping it All Up

When you combine all these elements your ankle-length straight-leg jean look is stunning—even in its simplicity and ease. And how perfect is that for the casualness of spring and summer? 

Regardless of where you spend your summer, on the coast or inland, there is something for every temperature to keep you feeling comfy as you enjoy these wonderful seasons.

Remember, if you have questions on how to make this trendy and fun look be right for you, just let us know.

Happy shopping!

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