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A new addition to Be Iconic Style, “Essential Styling Tips” will make your life so much easier!


Today’s post is all about our latest addition to Be Iconic Style, and we’re calling it Essential Styling Tips. This section of the site is devoted to teaching you how to pull your looks together and style them like a pro—with my guidance, of course. We’re starting with just a few topics, but in the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more so that you can continue to up your style game.

If you know me or have been following me for any length of time, you will no doubt have heard me quote the following statistic: On average, it takes a woman 45 minutes each day to get dressed—not including hair and makeup! Please note that I said, “on average.” This means that, more often than not, getting ready for your day often takes longer than 45 minutes. But, of course, the time involved is not the worst part of the situation, though it certainly counts for a lot. The worst part is the emotion that comes from the stress, anxiety, and frustration that goes along with trying to pull together that perfect look we all aspire to when we don’t really know what we’re doing. It’s not a pleasant experience. And let’s face it—we have ALL been there. It’s no way to start the day—or your evening out, as the case may be.

For these reasons, we have designed the Essential Styling Tips section for you. So what can you expect to find going forward? We’ll provide written and video guidance, accompanied by budget-friendly and, in some cases, designer shopping options to make getting dressed stylishly that much easier. So, where did the inspiration for the shopping come from? We thought that if we were looking for style advice from someone we trusted, we would want to see examples of the pieces mentioned so we could recreate the looks ourselves. We thought this would be particularly helpful if we didn’t already own them.

Want to check out Essential Styling Tips? Head to and click the “Styling” tab in the navigation bar to reveal “Essential Styling Tips” in the dropdown menu. Once on the landing page, you can navigate to the topics that interest you and read away!

Be sure to check back frequently for new additions to this section of the site. We know you’ll find the style advice therein worth its weight in gold. It will bring you clarity and instill a sense of ease as getting dressed each morning will be that much easier.

Before we leave you to peruse Essential Styling Tips, we want to know what styling topics present a challenge to you. Let us know, and we’ll address them! If you don’t see a corresponding article immediately, just know that we’ve heard you. We will get to it as we continue to build this wonderful resource for you.

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