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Now year-round additions to our closets, sandals have always been a quintessential part of our summer wardrobes—and we love them!


This season’s options come in many silhouettes, and they are oh-so-versatile! Shoes, including sandals, have tremendous power. What do I mean by that? Well, a simple change of shoes allows you to change your look altogether—without changing your outfit! For example, jeans paired with a delicate strappy sandal will look entirely different when worn with a platform sandal or a clog. How fun is that?

For those who may be new to Be Iconic Style (and those who may need a styling refresher), I want you to be aware that when people are checking you out, they always begin and end with your feet! So your shoes—in this case, your sandals—are your first “tell” of your level of chic. People really are looking at your shoes, so what you wear on your feet is essential to how you “present” to the world, hence the value of all this curated loveliness for your feet.

The sandals I’ve shopped for this post are nothing short of fabulous. I have divided them into distinct categories outlining style and use. You’ll no doubt find that many of them are year-round treasures. Some sandals are super casual, while others are for dressier attire. And some styles even fall into both categories.



Let’s begin with slides. Rubber slides are perfect for the beach, pool, and simply knocking around all summer long in jeans or shorts.

Then there are Birkenstock, Birkenstock lookalikes, and shearling slides. Along with the rubber slides I just mentioned, you can wear these styles in the fall or winter (depending on where you live) with a chunky cotton sock. And for summer, they’re just plain fun to wear with all your casual summer looks.

I’ve also included some delicate flat slides in the shopping that are perfect with everything from shorts and short skirts to jeans—and even a pair of fabulous linen pants. There’s lots of fun to be found here!


Finding the perfect flip-flops—the summer’s most super casual essential sandal—is more of an art than you’d think. Black patent is how you want to go and is your number one style of flip-flop to own. They go with pretty much everything!

I recommend avoiding the various browns as they are often not flattering to your skin tone, regardless of that tone.

The “snake” look is the second variation of this live-in sandal and goes with every color scheme. And check out the PVC and black flip-flops! They are adorable, and the PVC looks so great on your foot! Last but certainly not least, you’ll love the white cotton flip-flops I found as they are totally different and absolutely yummy.


In my opinion, flat sandals are one of the chicest looks you can don.

Something about this particular style of sandal exudes confidence and effortless chic. And often, as when paired with wide-leg pants or jeans, they “up” your style in a way that higher-heeled sandals or platforms simply can’t do.

I love the delicacy of the flat thong sandals I’ve shopped for you. They are stunning in their simplicity. And the ankle wrap flat sandals (you’ll see a few of those, too) are fabulous. You’ll want to wear those with skirts, shorts, cropped pants, and all styles of jeans.


And now for the opposite of the flat sandal—the platform sandal. Channel your inner ’70s vibe with these yummy shoes. I love platforms for their height, particularly if you wear flare or bootcut jeans. How tall, narrow, and stunning they make you look! 

These sandals are truly versatile as they go with so much, from wide-leg pants and jeans to flare-leg jeans to shorts. They are most definitely a fabulous addition to your year-round shoe wardrobe. And by the way, though platforms are most often associated with the ’70s, they are actually timeless. We all wear them year after year.


I love the sheer femininity of these stylish shoes. You can dress them up with anything from jeans to dresses, so they take you from dressy casual to flat-out dressy. Heeled mules are also fabulous worn with narrow-leg pants.

The two pairs of lower-heeled mules below are perfect with narrow-leg black pants. And actually, they’ll go great with any narrow-leg pants. Just be sure to stay away from dresses when it comes to this heel height.


Clogs are another favorite of mine. The ease and comfort of this look are a wonder. 

Most clogs work well all year round and are fabulous with jeans, cutoffs, shorts of any kind, and short skirts. My favorite way to wear these fun shoes is with wide and flare-leg jeans and flare-leg knit pants. 

All the styles I’ve shopped are compliment magnets, so you cannot miss with any of them


I have to admit strappy sandals may well be my favorite category as they are stunning. Additionally, they are a true investment in your wardrobe.

Strappy sandals work beautifully with anything from jeans to cocktail dresses, and frankly, you will have them forever. Or until you wear them out! 

This particular silhouette is so flattering to your legs and feet that you will feel your confidence soar when you wear them. In addition, you should know that most of these luscious options have been unavailable during COVID. They are only just now resurfacing, and if you’re in the market, I suggest that, at the very minimum, you add a pair of black strappy sandals to your wardrobe. And buy them quickly as they’re disappearing as soon as they appear. Know this—black strappy sandals are a solid gold addition to your wardrobe!

Of course, you’ll also want to consider other neutral versions, but only after you purchase your essential black pair first.

In Closing…

Each sandal category described plays a vital role in the ease with which you get dressed every day, whether you’re heading out to the beach or getting ready for a dressier moment. 

You’ll find that each style is endlessly versatile and will incorporate a fresh twist to the looks and pieces you already own. You will have these styles for years, and they will always be current and “en trend.”

Here’s to a delightful and productive hunt!

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