The Season’s Top Performers – What Will You Buy?

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Shown above are some of our top-selling pieces this season.


You have all spoken—or, rather, shopped!

And this week we wanted to share with you our top-performing pieces of this season.

These are all real treasures that will both boost your chic and add dimension to your existing wardrobe. Each item is endlessly useable and most can be considered necessary acquisitions. And better yet, many have gone on sale which is even more fun!

We’re featuring a number of categories, so there’s definitely something fabulous for everyone. I know you’re going to want to make at least some of these stunning and timeless pieces your own!

Looking ahead…

Before we proceed to all our incredible shopping, you’ll want to note the following—the pieces shown below run the gamut from summer to winter. And speaking of winter, items for fall have already arrived in the stores. With that in mind, be sure to think ahead. By that I mean you should think in terms of the pieces you will want this coming fall and winter—and get them on sale now! Even though it’s hotter than blazes outside, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these timeless, cozy, showstopping treasures. You’ll look fabulous come fall, and you’ll be thrilled you paid so little for these incredible finds!

And one last thing—some of our bestsellers were sold out at the original retailer from which we had first shown the item. Here you will see those items shopped through different retailers. So, if you loved something but it was sold out, you have another chance to acquire it. You’ve gotta love second chances!

All that said, let’s shop!



The treasures in this section include groupings of pieces that run the gamut from dressy to casual tops, dresses, sweaters, coats, and more! You’re going to love what you see!


Here we’re featuring some great casual goodies that you will not only love but can live in! Check out these fabulous jackets, pants, loungewear, and more!



The number one category for bestsellers this season was jeans. You will be pleased to note that I was able to find the biggest bestsellers at retailers where they were not sold out, so have tons of fun with them and the jackets I have included. Showstoppers for sure!



Looking for some mid-summer inspiration for incredible swimwear and cover-ups? This is where you want to be!



Handbags were a huge hit this season and it is no wonder, considering all the fabulous bags that were available. You will see everything from totes to raffia to crossbodies and more. Such fun!



Another handbag theme came from the “What’s in Your Bag” blog and that includes all the things that go in your bag. These include yummy treasures that are smallish and will serve you for (quite possibly) a lifetime. They are show stealers for sure!



Here you will note all the glorious essential jewelry to own and love. Each of these is truly something you will have for a lifetime and that will serve you chicly always. You will see perfect timeless sunglasses and the incredible Montblanc pens that are must-have accessories to own.

All are gorgeous for sure.

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And last but most certainly not least, shoes… I am absolutely possessed by each of these incredible pairs of shoes. Regardless of the category, they fall into, each style is truly fantastic! I think you will agree.


I have to wonder… which of these pieces will become yummy additions to your wardrobe?

Happy shopping!


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