Road Trip Adventure – Visiting the National Parks in Style

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“Adventure is worthwhile in itself”

–Amelia Earhart

This week our Road Trip Adventure continues as we visit our spectacular national parks—in style, of course!

How totally fun does a trip to Arches, Yosemite, or Yellowstone sound right about now? Those three, and so many others are beckoning you. In the event that you’re wondering, no, I have not been hired to promote our fabulous national parks, however, they are high on my list of “must visit” destinations—and likely yours too—so let’s road trip!”

And now that we’ve got you thinking about all the magnificence the parks have to offer, we also need to make sure you’re prepared on every level…down to your hiking boots, backpacks, and sunglasses! And in typical Bobbi style, they are not only utilitarian but super chic as well!



As usual, I’ll begin with tops. My favorite combo for the upper part of your body is a white tank or tee. Try pairing this with a plaid flannel shirt. Leave the shirt open or button one or two buttons at the waist level to create a more slender, chic look… and roll your sleeves.

You are out enjoying the gloriousness of the world—why not look fabulous? Don’t laugh—there is NEVER a reason not to look your most adorable self! This isn’t about vanity ladies. It is about self-care!

Check out all the fabulous pieces I’ve found to adorn the top half of you.


If you have been following me for any length. of time, you know I am all about the third piece. That said, I’m including some options here in the way of a few jackets and jacket-type pieces that will help keep you warmer in higher altitudes or simply when you step into the shade and get chilled.

I know you will love these!


Next, let’s visit the bottoms. Here I’ve shopped everything from actual hiking shorts and pants to jeans. Denim shorts and sport pants of every variety will serve you well on this adventure—and even some fun looks for going out at night.

Shorts, regardless of the style, can be a real show-stopper when paired with a slightly-taller-than-ankle-height hiking boot and slouchy crew sock.


Speaking of hiking boots—while I’ve shopped plenty of the “real thing,” I’ve also included a number of options that are all fashion, so just be aware of that.

These casual looks are perfect for when you don’t want or need to be dressed for hiking and are heading out to dinner or simply wandering around. And of course, I’ve included some sneakers.

When it comes to boots, a favorite look of mine is the tan, suede, pointy toe western boot paired with the distressed, flare-leg jean. Another great option is to wear this boot with a denim short.

Either of these looks will pair fabulously with a variety of the tops I’ve shopped. You could go with a white t-shirt alone, or wear it with a flannel shirt. Regardless of the look you gravitate toward, there’s a lot of fun to be had!


Often the details are the finishing touch you put on your look, so I have included sunglasses that are both chic and designed for sport. Hats will also add just the right level of panache to your look!

I’ve also shopped the ever-important backpack, focusing on those that are lightweight and fabulous. And, naturally, I can’t forget the socks that can be so fun with your hiking boots.

I have to chuckle as I think of how all these adorable pieces will transform an otherwise typically unremarkable (and often unfashionable) look into one of natural chic…

And that simply adds to the glorious experience of discovering the magnificence of our National Parks.

Happy hiking in style!


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