5 Easy Pieces: Tips and Guidelines for Casual Dressing

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A new BIS feature that will help you pull your daily casual looks together!

In this week’s blog post we’re going to share something a little different but a lot of fun—and it’s all about shopping! But first, I want to share a fact that may surprise you…

The Problem

In my years as a stylist, I have come to understand that contrary to popular belief, casual daily dressing is one of the biggest challenges many women face every morning. That may seem hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true.

For that reason, I got to thinking. If my personal clients with their resources are having this much difficulty pulling together chic, casual looks, this must be an issue for all women—so I started asking around. And guess what? I was right.


The Solution

This new knowledge led me to think about what I could do to help both my clients and my followers create incredible daily looks, quickly and easily. My solution is a new weekly shopping section on Be Iconic Style called 5 Easy Pieces.

Each week I select five fabulous individual pieces that work together to create a look. Of course, each piece is an incredible treasure on its own—and you know how I work—they’ll also mix and match beautifully with items already in your closet. To make getting dressed even easier, I provide suggestions on how to wear each piece, and those ideas will serve you endlessly.

The purpose of 5 Easy Pieces is to inspire you and help you create chic in your casual dressing; to find exceptional pieces that are versatile and easy to combine. Furthermore, you’ll note that most items that I shop for in this section fall into a more budget-friendly category.

As a side note, we’ll leave each week’s offerings up for a month, so that if you miss a week, you can always hop on the site to check out the yummy treasures I’ve chosen that will no doubt make your heart beat a little bit faster! But don’t wait too long to see what’s there as these pieces tend to sell out quickly.


Other Ways to Shop Be Iconic Style…

If you’ve checked out any of our monthly “round-up” newsletters, you’ll recall that each month we feature Bobbi’s Hot List and the previous month’s Best Sellers. We know that you love those features (yes, we do check our weekly stats) and as a result, we’ve now made those items available to you to shop all month long making it easier than ever to build your casual wardrobe.

And last, but certainly not least, check out all the fabulous shopping we have on the site. From shopping Wardrobe Essentials (both casual and designers) to Deals & Steals, and everything in between, we have you covered. If you haven’t looked recently, check out our main shopping page to see all the delicious categories we’ve curated that will make shopping a breeze and hugely successful.


Happy shopping, and go forth and build your ultimate casual wardrobe!

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