The Best Jackets to Keep You Cozy As Temperatures Fall

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Bobbi shops for cozy fall jackets at The Conservatory.


Part of the glory of fall is the chic and cozy looks in outerwear that we start seeing right about now.

And not only do these seasonal jackets keep us warm, but they make a huge statement in pulling our luxe looks—and even our more casual looks—together.

This season the jackets we are seeing for fall are all over the board and oh-so entrancing. Capes and ponchos are a huge trend and the perfect way to pop your look. We’re also seeing puffers, quilted jackets, and quilted vests everywhere. The ski jacket and vest look is a major trend this season as is the long parka. And peacoats, shackets (shirt jackets), and utility jackets are also trending in a big way. You will see plaid in a number of different jacket styles, and, of course, I’ll include some stunning jackets that defy categorizing.



Keep in mind that your fall and winter jackets can run the gamut from casual to a timeless classic, but regardless of the style, they can be used to pop your look and soar it to fabulous! In fact, many of the jackets you will see featured in this post are so versatile that they can be classified as either dressy or casual. You have to love the ability to multi-purpose these yummy third pieces!

So, as you scroll through the stylist-curated outerwear below be sure to think in terms of what you already have in your closet that will work with whatever treasures catch your eye. I think if you take this approach, it will serve you well and help to maximize both what you’re looking to buy and what you already own.

When done right, these outerwear gems qualify as showstoppers. So, be sure to spend a bit of time on the information we share below and pay attention to how to wear the various silhouettes. We provide the styling details that will make all the difference in your level of chic.

All that said, let’s begin!

Bobbi finds fabulous, cozy fall jackets and capes at The Conservatory in Dallas.


This season we’re seeing ponchos in a number of fabrications and looks that you will love. They are an incredibly versatile piece to have in your wardrobe and they are super easy to grab and go as you’re your third piece. They also create a chic statement with such ease.

So how do you wear them? Ponchos are perfect worn with all forms of pants. You will note the luxe look of a number of the ponchos and capes that I’ve shopped. Combining them with your other pieces in a single, monochromatic color scheme is the ultimate in showstopping luxury. For instance, a poncho that might have camel and white in it would look gorgeous paired with an all camel or all winter-white look.

For a more casual approach, capes and ponchos are fabulous paired with flare and bootcut jeans as well as wide-leg, boyfriend, and straight-leg jeans. All paired with a yummy cashmere sweater, and you are ready to set the world on fire with your chic.


Who doesn’t love the àpres ski look? And guess what? Àpres ski is a major trend this season! That said, you will see puffers, as well as quilted jackets and vests in abundance.

Bootcut and flare-leg jeans, along with wide-leg jeans, are perfect when paired with these cozy jackets. And if you are going to do cozy boots with your cozy jacket or vest, skinny jeans tucked into your shearling boots will be just the ticket.

As for the long parka, well, this goes perfectly with your cashmere sweater and your flare-leg and bootcut jeans. Pair this combination with pointy-toe ankle boots and you’re good to go. The long parka is a lot of look to carry, regardless of your height. That said, you want to be sure to keep your look simple and understated letting the long parka be the focal point. Talk about warm, cozy, and chic. This absolutely exemplifies outerwear chic.


The classic peacoat—we love them. Wear yours with a simple cashmere turtleneck. The richness of this look is incredible whether you wear it with a menswear trouser or jeans.

Another way to go is to pair your peacoat with a button-front shirt or blouse. If you opt for this look, I would encourage you to wear your hair up and back if it is long. The reason for this comment is that it gets messy looking when worn down. So, a ponytail, chignon, or messy bun are fabulous with this grouping. If you have short hair, you are, of course, good to go.

When it comes to jeans, peacoats look fabulous with straight-leg or boyfriend jeans rolled to about mid-calf length and paired with knee-high boots. Having said that you will look stunning in the sweater peacoat look worn with your flare and bootcut jeans as well as wide-leg jeans. Add a pointy-toe ankle boot with your flares and boot-cuts, and a combat boot with your wide-leg jeans to soar your look!


Utility jackets are everywhere! A few of the things I love most about this style are its ease of casual use, its ability to make a statement, and its timelessness.

In short, this is the perfect casual jacket and they go with literally every style of jean. Wear a white t-shirt underneath to pop your entire look.  This jacket also looks fabulous styled with combat boots—another great trend this season.


What are shackets? They are a fabulous third piece that combines the look of an oversized shirt and a jacket—hence “shacket!”

Shackets are a growing trend that you’ll see everywhere. I love pairing them with a white T along with wide-leg jeans, cargo pants, or joggers that are tucked into combat boots. This is a very fun, casual, layered look. You will see a lot of plaids in this category of jacket. They are adorable and create so much punch—and I predict you could live in them all fall and winter!


A Word About Plaid…

When wearing plaid your best bet is to make it the focal point of your look and keep everything else that you wear with it super simple.

The white T-shirt is your friend here—even if your plaid has an off-white or cream background—as the white absolutely pops your look. I promise! Wear it with the jeans I recommend above and according to the silhouette of your jacket.

The important thing to know and remember here is to create a simple, chic combination of all you have on and WOW the crowds with your look.


I love this collection of yummy and all-over-the-board chic and stylish fall jackets. They range from timeless to just plain fun. All are showstoppers and easily integrated into your existing wardrobe, adding a chic pop to whatever you are wearing.

You can safely pair all these delicious jackets with your bootcut, flair, and wide-leg jeans.

I truly hope you are as possessed by these jacket treasures as I am.

From super casual chic to dressier knockouts, each and every one of the pieces I’ve shopped for you will serve you for years on end.

And if you are looking for some help to achieve the chic you seek, email me to schedule an appointment and we will soar your chic and transform your life through style—together!

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