Wardrobe Essentials to Soar Your Chic–Part 2

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Today we’re going to pick up where we left off delving into more of those style essentials that create the foundation of your working wardrobe.

As we’re reviewing them, keep in mind the contribution and importance each of these pieces provides. The essentials not only allow for ease of getting dressed but also ensure achieving the level of chic you seek.

To clarify, the purpose of your wardrobe essentials is to allow you to function more easily in your closet, wear more of what you have, and reduce your stress as you strive to create that perfect look. These fabulous investment pieces (whether they are expensive or not) are worth their weight in functional gold and they will all serve you endlessly—some of them for a lifetime.

Before we dive in, however, I want to encourage you to read my book Style Essentials: Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe. It’s $9.99 on Amazon and if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, it’s free.

Style Essentials will help you understand the “why” behind the essential wardrobe and is an amazing tool that will set you on the path you want to be on in your fashion journey. More than one client of mine has read it and said, “Oh! Now I understand!”

All that being said, let’s begin!





If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that the handbag you carry speaks volumes about your level of chic in the world and is preceded only by the impact of the shoes you wear.

We do love our handbags and there are many treasures out there.  For the purposes of essentials, however, we are focused on timeless silhouettes that are both simple but pack a huge “wow” factor.

You are going to love what you see. Each option will up your level of polish and will ensure countless compliments.


Next up are jackets. I’ve elected to include what is quickly becoming known as shackets (shirt jackets) as on a casual level they create some great third-piece looks, and I see them becoming a big part of our wardrobes. 

Then we have the versatile and timeless perfection of the blazer. They are perfect for both casual and more polished looks, from menswear to simple, elegant chic.


The Little Black Dress (a.k.a. LBD) is a core component in your essential wardrobe. This is what I refer to as a “foundational wardrobe gold nugget,” and I always encourage my clients to find an LBD that can go from the boardroom to an evening out with a simple change of jewelry, bag, and shoes.

You want this fabulous piece to provide miles of versatility—hence the day to evening concept. I have included a wide variety of silhouettes that you will yearn for—and I can guarantee that you’re going to want several of them!


The accessories that you wear and carry with you pull your look together. Each of the categories represented in this section, as well as the treasures within them, are absolute essentials, so be sure to review them all carefully.

If you’re not quite ready to jump in on purchasing items in the various classifications, I would strongly encourage you to create a strategy list to acquire them. These are lifetime purchases, each of which serves a very important role in chic polish. I feel so strongly about each of the items shown in this section, that if we were working together to build your essential wardrobe, I would specifically select all of these items for you. That said, you can have complete faith in choosing any or all of them for yourself


Last, but far from least are the essential shoes which are your first “tell” of your level of chic. When people are checking you out, they begin and end with your feet, so it stands to reason that placing an emphasis on your shoes is the ultimate in style-savvy. The gorgeous treasures featured below will take you to many, many places and ensure the chic you strive for! Furthermore, you will wear them, gloriously, for years to come.


With your copy of Style Essentials: Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe on its way (or in hand) and two blog posts featuring the must-have pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe, you are fully prepared to understand the value of the essential wardrobe a well as the pieces I have shopped for you. What a delicious journey!

Happy hunting and building your essential wardrobe!

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