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Part of my styling research, on a continuous basis, is poring over the fashion magazines each month…

And as I was doing so this month I came upon an article in InStyle titled “Basically Perfect” which spoke to me as an essentially perfect (pun intended) way to share some of the core essentials that are ideal in terms of building and maintaining a wardrobe foundation.

As you know the essentials you own end up serving you as key pieces that allow you to dress and get to that chic we all aspire to more easily. These are the timeless treasures that serve as the basis for your wardrobe, serve you for years, and allow for the creation of stunning, showstopping, and compliment-garnering looks.

That being said, we will spend a couple of weeks focusing on these perfect essentials so that I can share the glorious specimens I have found this season.

In this post, we will focus on timeless coats and trenches which serve as lifetime investments. We will also look at the everyday necessities of jeans and the white Ts (with a few black thrown in as we all need our basic black) and some look-popping third pieces.

All these treasures will serve you endlessly and each is perfect for its job. It simply boils down to which of these yummy goodies are delicious to you.



Let’s start with the fabulous winter coats. Coats not only serve for warmth when we need it but can also be a luxurious finishing piece that is necessary to help you look put together in those chillier times. I always recommend you start with a black coat as you can use black for day and night. In other words, from work to an evening out.

Camel coats are a timeless treasure we should each should own and they work best for daytime use. I encourage my clients to buy a camel coat, only after they have acquired black.


This timeless piece is truly a “forever” item and you can do either black or khaki—your preference.


The white T-shirt (with a few black options as a secondary option) is an iconic staple for your wardrobe. Every time you find the perfect white (or black) T-shirt, I encourage you to acquire it so that you build a white T section for your wardrobe. This will make getting dressed so much easier as you shoot for chic. The silhouettes here will serve all body types so you really can’t miss!


Jeans are the foundation of our casual wardrobe for both day and night—and finding those perfect jeans makes our dressing a breeze.

I have broken the style categories here down to help you shop more easily. As you know, I am a huge fan of the baggy wide-leg jean.  The bootcut and narrower flare leg jeans are by far the most flattering on you, so keep that in mind as well. You can literally never own too many pairs. And, as per a zillion requests, these are all mid-rise jeans, which, by the way, will be huge for fall (thank heavens).


Baggy Jeans


Skinny & Boyfriend Jeans


Straight-leg Jeans


Boot-cut and Flare-leg Jeans



I wanted to a couple of examples of looks you can create from these perfect, foundation-creating essentials.

Each of these essential categories is an essential component to creating your look. And, serves to create a sort of uniform mentality to help you accomplish stunning with ease.

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