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As I have shopped through the summer and now begin my fall shopping for clients, I am finding (much to my surprise), that the top category desired by women is still loungewear!


We are all creatures who love our comfort, however, I assumed that jeans would retain their spot in our hearts as our number one casual dressing concept—but I guess not!

Over the last year and a half, we have become so used to our comfy loungewear that, while we’re still wearing jeans, we now prefer the ease of the jogger. And interestingly, that jogger, though still lovingly worn for comfort at home, has now morphed into the bottom of choice when venturing out.

With that in mind, we are sharing the most adorable finds in the world of loungewear to share with you. I’ve also included sneakers because this season there are many fabulous candidates. You will love what you see! 

By the way, be sure to catch this week’s Fashion Friday video on Facebook Live (1 pm CDT) as I highlight some yummy options (other than sneakers) to wear with your joggers as you head out. This will provide you with some great wardrobe-expanding ideas for going out in casual attire.

Complete Lounge Outfits


Check out these various tops to wear with your lounge bottoms, and remember that, depending on your body shape, either the fluted, longer T or even shorter Ts are perfect. Simply select the length and shape that shows you off at your best.


I love these shorts! Remember, they can be worn with sneakers, flip-flops, driving mocs, and of course, UGGs.


These hoodies are fabulous! They are perfect with loungewear, shorts, and jeans.


All these bottoms are worth their weight in (styling) gold!


Serious show-stoppers! These are sneakers you will love and live in!

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