The Art of Stylish, Comfy Travel – A True Game-Changer!

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Bobbi wears one of her stylish, comfy travel “uniforms” as she packs her tote for an upcoming trip.


Who doesn’t want to be comfortable and look their chicest self when they travel?

The art of stylish, comfy travel not only pays off in spades in terms of the obvious—comfort—but also from the standpoint of the confidence you’ll feel from looking your chicest, dressed in stunning simplicity. And let’s face it, it is also truly a divine treat for the self!

If you want to be super comfortable and look like a million when traveling, this article will be a game-changer for you. Enjoy and implement!

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised that I encourage an all-back color palette. From a practical standpoint, it is the best in terms of hiding any spots you might incur. And in terms of chic, I am pretty sure nothing more needs to be said. The visual impact of black is massive. The simplicity and ease with which you can put your look together is almost mind-boggling.



So, what does a winning travel look consist of? It can go several ways, but let’s start with my favorite, which involves leggings, yoga pants, and these days, even lightweight joggers which are adorable and pack so much punch. Always make sure they are fresh-looking and not the ones you have been living in at home. You want to look pristine, polished, and pulled together.

If you prefer jeans, go for it, but remember that you want to be comfortable, and snug jeans are not always so. Additionally, when flying, doctors recommend clothing that “gives” to compensate for swelling that occurs with altitude. If you do choose the jeans route, go with black skinny or bootcut/flare jeans as they appear more put together.


For tops when it comes to travel, I am a fan of longer fluted T-shirts that cover your backside and come down partway on your thighs. This A-line silhouette is flattering on every body shape. As above, you’re going to want to go with black.

Cardigans and v-neck sweaters pair easily with T-shirts and will keep you cozy while in flight. This year’s blazers are a BIG deal and also fabulous with this look.

A denim jacket, worn, or tied at the waist, is another way you can go as the contrast of denim with your all-black color palette really pops the look. Having said that, I am still a major fan of the blazer which ups your chic exponentially, as does the always chic and cozy cardigan.



Check out these spectacular and easy tops for your travel look.


You will love these easy and incredibly flattering sweaters that you can layer with to accommodate fluctuating in-flight temperatures.


These cardigans, denim jackets, and blazers are perfect for your third piece which is the “glue” that pulls your chic look together


When it comes to shoes, comfort is essential. I always do flat. With that in mind, I recommend a yummy pair of flat sandals for summer. And depending on your destination, a pair of pointy-toe flat ankle booties could also work.

Naturally, you will want to make sure to include a pair of cozy socks in your travel tote to keep your feet warm as the floor gets cold once the plane has taken off. Socks are a staple for me whenever I travel, regardless of whether I have on sandals or ankle booties.

Speaking of booties, they will, in this circumstance, only work with bootcut, flare leg, or a wide leg bottom.


Lastly, let’s look at some cozy pieces that will keep you warm as you head toward 30,000 feet and deal with chilly in-flight cabin temperatures. I have included the essential cashmere wrap which I keep in my tote and use as a blanket to keep me toasty. I also bring socks and cozy slippers to help keep my feet warm and my socks clean. Anyone who travels knows that the cabin floor becomes freezing cold in-flight.

I added the travel packs as these come in so very handy, especially on seriously long-distance flights. You will love these and the coziness they bring.


Be sure to check out the final addition to our summer travel education series with the ever-delicious piece that will complete your look—a fabulous black travel tote—and the necessities you’ll want to have on hand to fill it. The black travel tote finishes off your simple, comfy, and chic look and is a huge contributor to your overall presentation.

Safe (and fun) journeys wherever you get to travel this summer.


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