By BIS Contributor Ana Loi


A decade or so ago, I believed that living in abundance was only possible if my bank account was filled with millions of dollars, if I lived in the house of my dreams, if I could travel the world and so on.


I hit a major turning point in my life as I became aware of how full of “ if onlys” it was. I realized that my level of satisfaction was getting lower and lower every day. The message from my brain was always; it’s never good enough and I have to do more to get more. Things were going downhill pretty fast in my life. I finally reached a point where sadness overshadowed my days.

My heart was heavy and I was really close to losing the passion I had felt for my purpose. And so I did something I don’t often do. I decided to talk to my husband about it. He usually doesn’t say much to me but this day he pointed the light directly on my blind spot; and I was shocked.

He said: “What you are looking for is outside yourself, and you can only be abundant and create success from within, from whom you are and from all the spectacular things you do with and for others.” I hope you will reread that thought as it is life altering.

At that moment, as I had tears in my eyes, the message was clear. I couldn’t move. I just felt like breathing and staying present as I let the words sink in and settle within me.When I opened my eyes (literally), the world felt different to me. I felt a deep connection in my soul and I decided to live life without the “if onlys.” I knew I needed to find quiet, to take time to think, and think deeply. And from that came a massive shift in how I saw things. I decided to change. My decision was to live my life from within.

My first step was to create a plan and a strategy to start a war with the non supportive voices in my head. By the way, we all live with these voices that tell us we cannot do or be the things we want to do and be.

  • The first solution was to fight those negative thoughts and to fight them using gratitude. I decided that judgment and negativity would never be part of who I was anymore.
  • The next step was to bless any people who bothered me so that I was sending love.
  • Next I needed to stop listening to the continuous thoughts in my mind that for years had told me I had to work hard to get what I wanted. These were eliminated as I allowed myself to listen to my true desires. And from that I was able to release them.


I have learned that the only way to change your life, is to change yourself from within. And so I created new routines and new habits in my mind. And through that I changed my perspective on life. Here are a few that will help you get started.

  1. Show gratitude at least twice a day. When you are in the vibration of gratitude you REALLY attract amazing things and outstanding opportunities. To really deeply feel your gratitude and understand the impact gratitude can have on your life I highly recommend reading the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne — you can find it in the Be Iconic Library posted below.
  2. Love deeply. That means feel love for everyone. Always realize they are doing the best they can at that moment and are on their own journey.
  3. Get in touch with nature daily.
  4. Never blame anybody or any situation for the way your life is or isn’t.
  5. Take responsibility for your goals, dreams and aims. You are in charge of those.
  6. Act as if. Act as if you are already who you want to be now.

I am now proud to say that after practicing my daily routines for several months my life shifted quickly. I am now attracting money and opportunities. Within months my business has grown to what I hadn’t been able to accomplish in years.

The most amazing discovery for me however, is that abundance is not about having things and earning money. Abundance is being; being connected and being willing to be present (to live right this moment not in the future or the past).

You are abundance, live life from within and discover the amazing things you can create for yourself.



Knowledge is power! Study any or all of the books in the BIS Library and create the life you want.