Rainy Day Chic: We’ve Got April Showers Covered

Casual Attire

From drizzles to downpours, we’ve got what you need to look fabulous and stay dry!

It’s not quite April, but depending on where you live, you may already be dealing with those unpredictable Spring showers! Are you ready for them? If not, read on as the focus of this week’s post is all about rain attire, from classic trenches and rain jackets to rain boots and more!

Trenches and Raincoats

These wardrobe essentials are something we all need—regardless of our careers or how we spend our time. They are a great third piece, and they will finish your look fabulously!

Speaking of which, the rain trenches, coats, and jackets I found for you all fit the “pop-your-look” bill and are truly adorable. Each piece will go with almost everything you already own and add miles of chic to your look.

If you are going for casual looks this Spring, think about pairing a white T-shirt and jeans with your rain gear. For more great ideas on building your looks, check out this week’s 5 Easy Pieces and 5 Easy Pieces Elevated to see what you can quickly and easily assemble.


Rain Trenches

Rain Trench Jackets


Rain Boots

The rain boots I’ve shopped for you are just plain delightful! Some are more classic and practical, while others have a bit more style. ALL of them, however, will garner compliments!

You will see everything from ankle-height to knee-height rain boots, along with waterproof boots and shoes that, though not the classic style of rain boot, will provide chic style and dry feet! So, as you peruse these treasures, know your wardrobe and purchase accordingly.

The nontraditional rain boot approach is a lot of fun, so be sure to carefully check out what you may want to consider of the yummy alternatives I’ve found.


Helpful Tip!

Nontraditional rain boots and rain shoes are more chic-specific. In other words, they won’t necessarily work with every look you put together. Classic rainboots, on the other hand, are good to have and fall back on when the nontraditional style isn’t quite right with whatever look you have created for the day. That said, you’ll still want a pair of traditional rainboots if you don’t have them. Trust me, I speak from experience.

If it helps, I have ankle and mid-calf-height rain boots, as I live primarily in pants. On seriously rainy days, I often stuff my pants into my mid-calf rain boots, and on those days when I wear my ankle-height rain boots, I wear them with my wide-leg pants and jeans. I hope that information is helpful as you consider what to add to your wardrobe.


Think you don’t need rain boots? Think again!

You know I always encourage you to invest in designer shoes, so if you follow my counsel, I beg you NOT to ruin your shoes by walking in them in the rain!

I cannot tell you how often I am out on a rainy day and see women walking around in their designer shoes! I am horrified and cringe at the mere thought of it! Invest in some fun rain boots and save your fabulous shoes by tossing them in another of your wardrobe essentials—your tote bag!

Black Rain Boots

Colored and Patterned Rain Boots

Non-Traditional Rain Boots & Shoes

Summing it All Up

As you shop this week’s post, be sure to keep in mind that raincoats and rainboots are part of your essential wardrobe and bring so much to the versatility of your looks. These are definitely long-term purchases that you will get so much from.

Happy hunting!

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