Sole Searching: Shoes for Spring 2024 – Part 1

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It’s a new season with glorious new arrivals in all categories—including all new off-the-charts fabulous shoes!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll likely have heard me say that when people check you out, they begin and end with your feet. That means the shoes you wear speak volumes about your level of chic and success. With that in mind, you will see some spectacular offerings this season. In fact, I’ve found so many fabulous shoe finds that I’ve decided to share them in two parts.

This post focuses on various delicious shoes, from flats, sneakers, and boots to slides and mules, many featuring the pointy-toe silhouette—a strong trend you will see everywhere. Each glorious shoe category is stunning and a distinct candidate for your “forever wardrobe.” You will live in them and love them this spring and summer and for years to come.

And just in case you’re curious for a sneak peek of next week’s post, we’re going to WOW you with selections from (in my opinion) one of the hottest trends in decades—drumroll please—slingback pumps, flats, and sandals! Trust me when I tell you, it’ll be worth the wait!

So, have fun deciding what pieces you need to add to your Spring shoe wardrobe, and treasure whatever valuable pieces you acquire!

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!


This category is incredible as all the shoes can be considered edgy and timeless. You will see lots of pointy toes, which, while considered a trend this season, is actually a timeless and essential silhouette. You will also see round-toed ballet flats and Mary Janes as well. The loafers are fabulous, and the driving mocs are chic, timeless shoes that are both fun and oh-so-comfy!

Ladies, one thing to remember as you’re perusing the goods is that shopping is still at an all-time high, and everything is selling out at the speed of light. If you are possessed by something, act on it before it disappears.


Like the flats, the sneakers I’ve shopped for you can also be considered both edgy and timeless, so imagine how you might want to wear some of these styles to create fun new looks for yourself. And one thing to note: I consider white leather sneakers iconic essentials that will serve you for years, deliciously! Consider adding a pair to your shoe wardrobe if you don’t already have any.

Boots, and Mules, and Slides—Oh My!

“The few and the fabulous” is the phrase I would use to best describe what you see here. Each pair is a WOW-worthy treasure beyond measure and will serve you endlessly! Every mule, slide, and boot is just plain fabulous! If you had to whittle down your choices, which styles would you opt for? I LOVE this section!


Slides & Mules

Summing it All Up

Shoes are always at the top of our heart’s desires where style is concerned. This is not to say that we don’t love our clothes, but there is something about shoes we cannot resist! Furthermore, shoes are a critical category to consider when strategically building your Essential Wardrobe. For this, you will want to use a “Needs List” to ensure a wardrobe you will be possessed by and wear for years.

Want to know more about creating a “Needs List” and building your essential wardrobe? Check out our book, Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe, from our Style Essentials series

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