Jeans: An Absolute Wardrobe Essential

Casual Attire

Nobody can live without their jeans…

And this season, we’re seeing everything from wide-leg and straight-leg to bootcut and flare-leg jeans everywhere! And since we live in this wardrobe staple, finding a few perfect pairs that we go to each day is a joy.

Wide-leg Jeans

We have been living endlessly in these jeans for several years now, or if you are like me, for years and years! This silhouette is comfy, relaxed, and edgy—all at the same time.

You know the drill when it comes to pairing these jeans with sweaters and jackets, but when it comes to what you wear on your feet, you can go with a pointed-toe flat or nearly flat bootie, or any sort of combat/lug sole chunky boot for some fun looks!


Straight-leg Jeans

As I shopped the jeans for this blog, I came across straight-leg jeans in abundance. With that in mind, I figured this might be a good style to include—and I found some real treasures.

The best way to pair these is with a mid-calf height boot (several inches above your ankle) that is fleece-lined or lug-soled. Simply ruch your jeans into the top of them for a very casual, fun, relaxed look that brings some yummy chic with it.

Add a chunky sweater worn out over the top of the jean and your favorite outerwear jacket for an absolutely stunning look.


Skinny Jeans

I laugh over the fashion world’s conflict regarding the skinny jean. My take on it is this: let them go for now, except when you want to wear them as leggings tucked into your boots. In that capacity, they serve a real need as we all have our mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee boots, for which these jeans are absolutely necessary.


Bootcut + Flare-leg Jeans

You all know what I am going to say. This is the most flattering style of jean we can put on our bodies—regardless of our body type.

These timeless treasures will serve you endlessly and are best paired with pointed-toe booties, which are great for lengthening and slenderizing… and, of course, fabulous chic! These jeans serve so many capacities, including business casual and casual cocktail, as well as everyday wear. They have that “wow” factor for sure!


Wrapping it All Up

Of all the super adorable looks out there, which will you add to your jean wardrobe this year?

Happy hunting on your jean journey!


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