New Year, New You—A Fitness Wardrobe Refresh!

Casual Attire

Refreshing your fitness wardrobe is a fabulous way to begin the year.

So here we are in a new year, with an opportunity to use the phrase “new year, new you.” It’s no great surprise that most of us see a new year as a time to start fresh with the changes we want to make in our routines and lifestyles.

Historically, the most common New Year commitment we tend to make is to improve our physical health by eating better and working out more. We know that healthier living and self-care routines ultimately make us happier and help to improve our confidence. As a result, we enthusiastically resolve to take on a new healthcare regime—while crossing our fingers that we stick to it past February!

With that in mind, many of us would no doubt like a fresh start with some great NEW workout and leisure pieces that are both comfortable and adorable. Enter what we have for you here.

Having said that, let’s go for it.


The tops and/or t-shirts we wear are essential to the completion of your look. I have found some truly adorable, simple, and functional tees and tops that are good year-round, layered, or worn on their own.



Regarding the ever-necessary “third piece” (as a fashion statement or necessity), jackets and cardigans are essential for both comfort and finishing your look. These yummy jackets and cardigans fall into both categories. I particularly love that some of them can be worn with jeans or your workout bottoms, as many of us tend to live in our workout wear.

You will love the versatility of what you see, and the chic is perfect, as that trait makes each piece even more valuable. While some pieces I’ve shopped are actually intended for workouts, most of them serve a dual purpose in that you can live in them as well. They look great with your jeans and as layering pieces.



The bottoms I’ve found range from joggers to bootcut yoga pants. Both are versatile and oh-so-comfortable!



These adorable pieces will be a yummy addition to your casual wardrobe. The sets make it even easier to put your look together, and the onesies are just plain fabulous! Enjoy!



Any of these sneakers would make fabulous additions to your wardrobe.  I included a variety of Vejas as they tend to disappear at the speed of light, and because if you are a fan of the brand, you ought to have some choices.  The other designers? As you look at each, their chic, fun, and style punch are evident.  Lots of fun to be had here as these sneakers will serve you for a long, long time.



How fabulous is having a fitness wardrobe that inspires us to work out because we look so good wearing it? What’s better is that we also know that much of that same wardrobe will serve double duty as we will incorporate these chic pieces into our day-to-day dressing. Many of us have been doing this for years. So, while you may be in the market for new fitness wear, you may also simply be in the market for a few new adorable daily looks.

The pieces I’ve shopped are extremely versatile, which makes them practical for everyday use. Each will be a hit for sure and help with easy dressing. And for a workout? Perfect!

Happy hunting! Here’s to a glorious fresh start to the new year and the success of your “new you!”

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