The Joy of Holiday Gift-Giving: Part 2


During the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like the joy of giving the perfect gift. And today, we bring you even more delightful options to spread that joy!


As we mentioned in our last post on holiday gifting, searching for that ideal gift can send even the most dedicated shoppers into a frenzy of anxiety. To keep those worries at bay, we’ve decided to share even more fabulous gift ideas. So, let’s dispense with the stress! These delicious treasures aren’t just perfect for your loved ones; you might find a few you’d love to treat yourself with.

We’ve set up a few categories to help you organize your shopping, including gifts under $100 (perfect for hostess gifts, work colleagues, friends and to be used as stocking-stuffers), gifts between $100-$200, ski gifts, and luxe gifts for women.

As I shopped all these yummy candidates, I had to smile—I wanted almost all of them for myself! And as we all know, the desire to keep the gifts we buy for others is the hallmark of the perfect present!

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Gifts Under $100

I love this category for the enchanting variety of gifts that, though perhaps not as pricey, are clever, endlessly useful, and ultimately, things you want for yourself! This category is just plain fun!

Gifts Between $100-$200

I am a huge fan of this category and think you will be as well. These items are not quite designer, but boy, do these adorable gifts pack a lot of punch! You will see what I mean as you peruse.

Ski Gifts

These treasures are perfect for the skiers in your life. You will see a massive array of options and varying prices. There are so many fun finds to make someone’s face light up!


Luxe Gifts for Women

This category is chock full of the stuff of dreams and comprised of those perfectly adorable pieces that will bring huge smiles to the ladies in your life. There are so many “WOWS” in this section. Have the best time ever!


Summing it all up…

As we’ve said before, in a perfect world, our holidays would always be cherished moments of joy, relaxation, and fun with family and friends—but the reality is that we are often too stressed out with everything going on to enjoy the spirit of the season. As always, it is my intention to relieve you of at least some of that stress by providing you with this treasure trove of inspired gifts. Here’s to crossing gift shopping off your holiday “to-do” list as effortlessly and joyfully as possible!

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