Cozy, Chic Winter Wear for the City and Mountain Resorts

Casual Attire

Winter has made an appearance for almost everyone, and with it comes to the need for comfy, cozy, chic outerwear.

The puffers, shearlings, and winter boots I’ve shopped for this post are all those things and will take you from a mountain resort (think après ski) to the city—in fabulous style.

There are so many yummy treasures out there that I knew you wouldn’t want to miss them—and they’re so easy to style. I see these pieces worn primarily with bootcut and flare-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans, and, in some instances, skinny jeans tucked into mid-calf or knee-high boots. Each piece is an investment that you will wear (joyfully) for years to come.

So enjoy your shopping adventure, searching for the jackets, coats, and boots that will make you look and feel like a million dollars and build your confidence along the way.


I have long been a fan of this style of jacket. Shearlings pack such a punch and are chic beyond measure. Combining this fabulous jacket with a heavy sweater and bootcut or flare-leg jeans paired with pointy-toed booties is a level of chic you absolutely want to include in your wardrobe.

Take that same shearling jacket and sweater and pair them with wide-leg jeans and a chunkier boot, and WOW! You have an entirely different but equally showstopping look.

Shearlings are perfect for any winter location, whether a mountain resort or a city. The shearlings you see here are showstoppers worth their weight in style gold.



Absolutely coziness and warmth are what I think of when I see puffers. They do their job of keeping you toasty in seriously cold climes, which is why we love them. Here you will see virtually every length imaginable, from cropped and waist-length to hip, knee, and mid-calf lengths. You’ll see some delightfully chic vests as well. Everyone will find their perfect piece.

One of my favorite ways to style my puffers is to “citify” them with bootcut or flare-leg jeans and pointy-toed boots. This look lengthens and slenderizes, creating a flattering, chic silhouette. And while I refer to this look as “citified,” the truth is, it also works for mountain resorts.

If you are narrow-hipped, go for the shorter jackets; if you are not, then opt for (and love) the longer coats. Wide-leg jeans paired with a chunky boot and your puffer is another fabulous look to consider. Any length of jacket or coat works fabulously with this look, and the wow factor is huge.

You will love what you see, as these puffers are truly sensational!


Warm and Cozy Winter Boots

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m a huge proponent of pointy-toed boots. And while they are a stunning option for your winter looks (and we feature many divine examples of them in previous blogs), today, we’re focused on the more casual varieties you might see in a mountain resort setting. Having said that, these boots are also excellent choices for the city.

So what do I mean when I use the term winter boots? Well, I’m referring to fleece-lined boots that will keep your tootsies cozy in freezing temperatures. The styles featured here are stunning and chic in addition to warm and cozy. They are all showstopping treasures that you will have for years.


Lug-Sole Boots

Last but certainly not least are lug-soled boots, and they are a hot ticket in fashion at the moment! Pair them with wide-leg, bootcut, or flare-leg jeans for a more edgy style. I predict they will be your go-to boot for super casual comfy looks.

Summing it all up…

All you see here will serve you endlessly as you move chicly through the winter months. You will be cozy, warm, and confident about your appearance and will pull your looks together quickly and easily.

Happy shopping!

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