Bobbi’s Favorite Treasures for the New Year

Casual Attire

What do I love right now? Let me show you!

In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite pieces in a variety of categories that I’ve found over the season. I’ll explain why you’ll love them and tell you how to wear them. In doing that you’ll see my vision and understand why I am possessed by each.

I have divided these treasures into categories that make sense and will make your perusal easier. And as I mentioned above, I will share my perspective with you. My intention is to help you to see what can be done with each piece and how you might best style them.

Pulling looks together can be challenging, and figuring out the optimal and varied uses for the pieces in your wardrobe can be mind-boggling. It is my hope that the ideas below will help broaden your use of the items I’ve shopped for you below as well as any similar pieces that you may already own.

How to maximize the use of the pieces that you are considering for your wardrobe in addition to those already in your wardrobe is one of the obstacles I most commonly observe when working with my clients. That said, I thought my counsel, in addition to the fabulous, chic pieces you’ll see here, will serve you well!

With that in mind… have tons of fun!



I love each of these bags for their variety of styles and uses, including some items that you will definitely have in your bag!


Each one of these jackets and coats is a showstopper in a variety of categories.

Be sure to read the captions for my perspective on each piece as every single one is worth seeing and reading the details about. Fabulous is the word for this section!


These sweaters are phenomenal! You could own each and be so appreciative you bought it. They are gorgeous, chic, timeless pieces you will live in endlessly!


Each treasure in this section is endlessly useful and luxurious. And one piece, the flare-leg black pants, is essential to your wardrobe—unless you are my client who already owns it—and you know who you are, lol!


Ladies, this may be your favorite part of this fun blog.  Shoes seem to be a lodestone for us all, and each pair you see here will make your happy shoe-loving heart beat faster.  Note all the divine ways to wear these treasures!


All of these fabulous pieces will contribute to building a perfect foundation for your wardrobe, whichever of the categories you tap into—and each is absolutely a timeless treasure! Happy wardrobe building!

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