Cozy Cashmere to Keep the Cold at Bay

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When it comes to winter, all things cozy, warm and luxurious come to mind. And at the top of that list is cashmere.


Sweaters & Other Knits

Few things are better than cozying up in fabulous knits as temperatures begin to drop and we feel a chill in the air. From sweaters and leggings to pants and ponchos, knits will be the perfect prescription!

This season we’ll see a lot of chunky, easy-to-wear, soft-to-the-touch turtlenecks, crewnecks, and V-neck sweaters that will all go beautifully with every style of bottom in your winter wardrobe. This includes everything from joggers and jeans to dress pants and skirts. Sweaters abound in cozy cashmere and lots of fun silhouettes. In fact, I’ve shopped joggers and some other fun cashmere pieces that are also equally fabulous. You’ll also want to note the phenomenal ponchos in this post; they are timeless, endlessly versatile pieces with that “WOW” factor and will serve you for years.

I have divided these treasures into categories to make it easier for you to sort and land on the pieces that will serve you well. Some of these yummy sweaters are on sale so be sure to look out for those, as who doesn’t like a bargain when you can find one?

As I have reminded you in every blog of late, if you see something you are possessed by, buy it. The holidays are always a super busy shopping season, but this year takes the cake. Things are disappearing at the speed of light, so I encourage you to act immediately if something speaks to you.

Having said that, let’s begin.


V-Neck Sweaters

I’ve shopped a variety of V-neck styles; all are adorable, and there is a fit for everyone. A white crewneck T-shirt is one of my favorite combinations worn underneath V-necks. I love the “pop” of the white T-shirt. You will note that most of these styles are shown without anything under them, which is also lovely. I have also included some fun colors from which to choose. These cozy pieces are all worthy acquisitions that you will love and wear for years.


Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck sweaters are such a delicious style “go-to.” Sometimes I like to layer them with a white crewneck T-shirt, as I love the little pop of white that shows at the neckline, but often, crewnecks are fabulous all on their own. Whatever your preference is, you will love the variety of styles here.

As a side note, I am intrigued with The Row sweaters that look tucked in the front with the back hanging out. Of course, we often do this look ourselves by actually tucking our tops in, but here it is ready-made for you. I love that!

Cardigans & More

This section spans a variety of categories, from cardigans to capes, and each is a stunner. These are pieces that will absolutely pop your look. Wow, wow, and wow, some more!

Naked Cashmere

We all love Naked Cashmere, so how could I leave them out when talking about cashmere? Each of these pieces is a winner and will protect you from the cold. Joggers, a cape, a hoodie, the yummiest throw, and even a hot water bottle cover will all tempt you.

High-Neck Sweaters

And last but certainly not least, these high-neck sweaters will keep you seriously cozy and warm!

I am a serious fan of mock, funnel, and turtleneck sweaters. To me, they epitomize cozy warmth and chic. Here you will see fluted tunics, some more cropped styles, and the classics. Any and all are treasures to love and have for years. I am in love with every single piece!

Summing it All Up

Winter is here, and according to the forecasts, it is scheduled to be a frigid one. With that in mind, these treasures are cozy perfection in which you will live over the next few months—never mind the years and years they will be a delicious part of your wardrobe! And if you are still holiday shopping, these could be the perfect solution to your gifting.

Have so much fun! It’s cold out there—so let’s be cozy in our cashmere!

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