Cozy and Luxurious Winter Coats for Women

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We love timeless, chic coats. Which cozy options will end up in your wardrobe?


Winter coats and jackets that will add serious “WOW” to your winter wardrobe!


In today’s post, we’re focusing on cozy, yummy coats and jackets in various categories that will add fabulous dimension to whatever look you wear, whether it be dressy, casual, or even après ski.

You will see timeless pieces that will provide you with chic for years to come. And if you plan on gifting one of these treasures for the holidays, you’ll bring a huge smile to its recipient—even if it’s you!



Timeless cold-weather coats are a lifetime investment. They are obviously necessary for warmth, but they also serve as chic outerwear pieces that make a style statement. They finish your look, and that has huge impact. When looking for a coat, think in terms of understated chic. We’re talking simple lines for these essential winter wardrobe showstoppers.



Remember that when building your wardrobe, the first winter coat color to invest in is black. Black gets you everywhere in chic style. If you were my personal client, this is the direction I’d head you in. Why? Black coats get you through not only the day but also dinner, cocktails, the theatre, and other evening activities.

If you already own a black coat and want to invest in a second, go for camel. Camel is also fabulously timeless; however, keep in mind that it does NOT work for evening. Camel coats are for daytime use only. For this reason, I advise that you invest in a black coat first. You will be very glad that you paid attention to my counsel as you wear these treasures for years.

Regardless of the color you choose, you want to with stay with simple, clean, understated lines. In other words, look for a timeless wrap coat, a simple A-line coat, or even a double-breasted coat. These three styles are classically chic.

There are also other styles to consider, so find what speaks to your chic-loving soul and make it your own. Just remember to keep this cozy investment piece simple and understated.



If you already own both black and camel coats, no worries—we have lots more for you to see!

I am a huge fan of the luxe look of grey, brown, winter white, and a few other color coats. These chic shades add a phenomenal luxurious impact to your look. This is especially true when worn with a monochromatic color palette. In fact, this is the ultimate in chic. Combining a winter white top and bottom with a winter white coat is perfect for evening, too.
Think in terms of dinners out, cocktail looks, and all else. Wow! Now, this look is a true showstopper. You should also note that your winter white, brown, and grey coats pair beautifully with every color. That said, mixing them with your favorite fall looks, whether dressy or casual is a breeze.

As you shop the coat portion of today’s blog, you will note a few pieces from LouLou Studio. I want to point out that LouLou Studio’s coats are hugely oversized (no pun intended). Please keep that in mind as you shop. For instance, a “small” will fit someone from a size 6-10. That will help with your sizing accuracy. That aside, these coats are incredible—from the luxe look and feel to their amazingly low price point. You’re getting huge bang for your buck with these coats.


The jackets in this section run from timeless chic to edgy and fun. Each is a fabulous candidate for your evergreen wardrobe—even the edgy jackets. I know as you go through them, you will agree. Use them most for dressy and casual looks. Any you choose will make you so happy with the chic and “pop” they will bring to your look. And should you choose to gift one, well, nothing more needs to be said!


Cozy and chic puffer coats, jackets, and vests are both practical and fun to pop your look, whether you are on the slopes or just knocking around. You will see a wide variety from long to short puffers and even some vests. The “WOW” factor is enormous, and the usefulness of any of these pieces will, I believe, be self-evident.

So, whether you are skiing or simply looking for serious warmth, we’ve got you covered—literally! These treasures work in the city or your favorite mountain resort and will have you looking chic and feeling cozy all winter long.

I was possessed by the silhouettes of the vests I shopped, and I think you will be as well. Wear your puffer vest over a cozy cashmere sweater and pair them with jeans and combat boots. And in case you were wondering, they look incredible with wide, straight, or flare-leg jeans.

When it comes to wearing the longer puffers, I’d like to share a wardrobing hint. Puffers are truly chic and look fabulous worn with pointy-toe booties and flare-leg jeans or even wide-leg jeans and combat boots. I promise you will love this look.

Each piece featured here, from everyday vests to jackets and coats, is a piece you will live in and treasure for years to come. It’s cold outside! It’s time to warm up with a fabulous new puffer and look your chicest, most amazing self!


Shearlings bring that sort of Aspen feel and a lot of luxury to your look. They are timeless pieces that though casual, are treasures you will look for an excuse to wear. They are all absolute showstoppers.

I have included a variety of price points so there will be something for each of us. There may even be a gift for that loved one who is all about winter casual chic.


In review, your winter coats and jackets, be they dressy or casual,  are investment pieces that will not only make a statement but will impact your look! 

Which of these treasures will keep you cozy and toasty warm this winter? Enjoy your coat and jacket journey—it could easily be a lifetime love affair! 

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