A Fall Transition Look to Knock Your Socks Off!

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We are still transitioning to colder weather, so check out this fabulous seasonal look you’ll love!


Fall is here, as are cooler temperatures. And yet many places in the country, though cooler, are still not cold enough to allow for the fabulous and luxurious fall looks we look forward to wearing.

That said, we are still in transition, so with that in mind, I have focused this week’s blog on creating fabulous style with timeless pieces that feature the look of fall without the weight and warmth of the pieces that serve us best in cold weather.

I have a specific vision in mind and hope you can visualize the look as I describe it.

First, I see a fabulous pair of pants. They can be cropped and narrow, wide (maybe even baggy), or flare/bootcut—but the latter two definitely need to be long.

Second, I see a crispy white shirt (one of the hot trends this fall) that could be paired with a cardigan. Another alternative to the crispy white shirt would be a simple, seriously lightweight sweater. I see a very lightweight turtleneck here to create that fall look.

Third, a timeless, delicious trench is the last piece to add and tie this look together.

And finally, to complete this look, I see loafers. These fabulous flat shoes catapult this look into a timeless chic you rarely see these days. And it is a look that will have people staring at you in awe and approaching you to tell you how gorgeous you look.

I see almost no jewelry with this look. Go for a simple pearl stud and a watch, and you are finished with your accessories.

I am possessed by this easy and simple look. It presents like fall but is lightweight enough to accommodate temperatures from the 50s to around 70º.

Have tons of fun with all this chicness!



I’ve included a number of price points and fabulous pant silhouettes in the shopping that will serve you endlessly and be perfect additions to your existing wardrobe. You’ll notice crop narrow and straight-leg pants— as you just can’t miss with this style. It is so versatile! You will also see menswear trousers and flare and bootcut pants as well. All are wonderful building blocks for your essential wardrobe, and you will be so glad to have them!

For the color palette, I stayed with neutrals, as that makes it easier to combine them with all the other pieces of this yummy theme. And when choosing shoes, think of pairing them with pumps, delicate strappy sandals, ballet flats, and, of course, the loafers I mentioned above.

Crispy White Shirts

The crispy white shirt, a truly versatile and timeless essential, made it to the hot trend list this season and is perfect for what we are creating here.

I mostly see this shirt tucked in, but I have included some fabulous silhouettes that you wouldn’t tuck in as well.

Regardless of how you wear this shirt, pop the collar and add a bit of drama to your look. This shirt will also get you miles of chic when worn with jeans or even a skirt (but with a skirt be sure to tuck the shirt in).

Pullover Sweaters & Cardigans

The pullover sweaters I selected for our look range from crewnecks to turtlenecks. All are lightweight and yummy. They provide a simple chic that will serve you endlessly, and you will be a hit in any of these styles. Furthermore, the richness of the fabrics and colors will speak to your fall-loving soul, while their weight will allow you to be comfortable.

The cardigans I’ve shopped are just plain delicious. I see them worn over some of the crispy white shirts or even over a white T-shirt. The shapes vary. Some are more fitted and others fluty. They will pop your look regardless of shape, as a third piece is meant to do.


I love these trenches and have included both timeless silhouettes and some edgier looks as well. You’ll want to note the two trench jackets I included… Wow, wow, and wow some more!

Any of these cardigans, worn over a crispy white shirt is a completely showstopping combination. A simple pullover sweater on its own (minus the crisply white shirt) is very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or Gwyneth Paltrow in its iconic simplicity.

As a reminder, trench coats are timeless essentials that get you miles and miles of incredible chic. They go with so much, including khakis and jeans. They are a long-term investment for sure and work for at least three seasons a year.


The final component of this stunning combination is your shoes. As I mentioned above, in my vision, I see loafers with this look, so I included a wide range of colors and textures in the shopping. You will note these are all more lightweight varieties of this style. For this look, I felt the softer, lighter version of the loafer, rather than the chunky version, was where you would want to be.

I see these timeless treasures worn with anything from the cropped narrow and straight-leg pants to the flare and wide-leg menswear look. Naturally, they are perfect with your jeans as well.

Wear cropped pants and jeans without socks—or at least wear the no see ’um socks. And for longer pants and jeans, I hope you will check around for some fun accent socks. Socks can bring a great deal to your look, in addition to keeping your feet warm and cozy.

And since I have a number of clients who love the height, I included pointy-toe pumps and boots—just in case. Having said that, loafers are the way!

Fall Transition in Summary

Transitioning from season to season is a challenge for most of us—especially when it comes to putting together a look we are possessed by.

We are definitely past the summer transition where you have to find summer-weight fabrics in fall colors to create those fall looks, thank heavens. But we are not quite to the place where the cold of winter has set in, so we absolutely know what to put on at any given time.

Today’s post will help you create some stunning looks that are layered so you are warm in the morning chill, and as the temperature rises throughout the day, you can shed a layer or two to be more comfortable.

This look is timeless, and each piece that contributes to the whole will be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. This, in turn, will allow you to create even more looks using this simple formula.

Have so much fun!

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